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Inflatable Costumes

It is no surprise that dinosaurs become a fascination of children everywhere. Nearly every kid goes through a “dinosaur phase.” From outfits from Jurassic world to classic inflatable tyrannosaurus rex costumes there are hundreds of exciting styles to browse when you shop for Dinosaurs Costumes! Going to the Halloween costume party will be more fun than ever with inflatable dinosaur costumes for kids, sure to make the other guests scream with delight!  From adult to tiny toddler, everyone will enjoy tapping into the T-Rex side of their personality. So what are you waiting for? Let out those fangs and claws and plan your own dinosaur costume party!

If you are a fan of t-rex costumes, Halloween sumo costumes, or dinosaur costume for kids, you are going to love our huge selection of prehistoric critters. So get your little one ready for his/her next costume party with a kid Halloween costume today. You can order online from sexycostumesbuy.com and make sure the T-Rex costume or kids’ Jurassic world costume gets to you on time, thanks to our reliable shipping. Save your kid from extinction and buy the dinosaur costumes today! We have got awesome styles for the classic Jurassic Park T-Rex. A few signature touches added to our delightful kids' dinosaur costumes are sure to create instant memories.

Great for a night of fun or fright, a dinosaur costume has everything your kid will want in a Halloween costume.



This unique and terrifying Jurassic World T-Rex Costume is an inflatable jumpsuit that has a zipper closure at front and elastic at the wrists and ankles to keep the air in and to keep you looking just like a T-Rex. There is a clear vinyl port at the neck of the T-Rex in order to have a clear vision of your ‘dinner.’ There is a fan that will keep your costume inflated and requires four AA batteries to operate. It extends behind you, to create the quadrupedal appearance, and the oversized head creates a tall crest, and a clear window so the wearer will be able to see out! The costume is made of 100% polyester. Gloves have elastic at wrists. It is even officially licensed from the latest Jurassic World. The costume has printed dinosaur details on the exterior and even has details like a vicious looking head, tail, and tiny dino arms. The best part about the costume is its inflation function. Just zip it up, turn on the fan, and your little one will be ready to meme! The costume is available in all sizes for both children and adults. It is comfy, cute and wearable all year round.



This T-Rex dinosaur costume is made of 100% polyester velour fabric. The jumpsuit fastens w/ front zipper and has a stuffed tail sewn to back. The pink and purple jumpsuit has soft-sculpted dinosaur features that your child will love. The hooded jumpsuit has elastic in edge of hood, ankle cuffs, and wrist. The claws are soft-sculpted at ankles and wrists. There are row of spikes from top of hood to tip of tail. The costume is available in all sizes for both children and adults. This one-piece officially licensed jumpsuit comes with an attached hood. It has soft-sculpted dinosaur snout, teeth & spikes on top and back of hood. The headpiece fastens w/ Velcro tab under chin. Mitts sewn to sleeve cuffs can be folded back to expose and free hands. Stuffed fleece scales down back and tail of jumpsuit alongside zipper. Booties have rib knit ankle cuffs. The costume is perfect for Halloween and cosplay parties. It is comfy, cute and wearable all year round.



The sumo inflatable Halloween suit is made of 100% polyester. The costume depicts an irritated face of a sumo wrestler so you can pretend to be in a lot of trouble while your tiny inflatable flails around in front. The costume has elastic openings at the neck, head, hands, and feet. The costume has hook and loop fasteners at the neck for easy pulling in and out. It has a zipper closure in the middle. To make the costume inflatable, it comes with battery pack with on or off switch. It requires 4 AA batteries. The hook and loop fastener keeps the suit stay secure in the place. Insert the 4 AA batteries into the battery pack, and you will be able to inflate the costume for full effect. The costume is cheap and available in all sizes for both adults and children. It is comfy, cute and wearable all year round.



The inflatable costume is made of 100% polyester. It comes with a pull-on design with elastic waistband. The officially licensed comes with a fan with battery pack. Fan is mounted at the back, above the right hip in order to inflate the costume. There are inner pockets to make holding the battery pack easy for you. Fan requires 4 AA batteries to operate. The costume is available in several pleasing colors and sizes for both children and adults. Battery operated fans inflate the costume in seconds. With one size fit all, the inflatable costume for adults is perfect for stag, hen, costume, and cosplay parties. Let your little one step inside the costume, attach the battery pack and turn on the fan. The costume has a pull-on design with elastic waistband and elastic cuffs at the waist and ankles. It has fiber filled front legs. Pants of the costume also have elastic waistband and ankle cuffs.

Inflatable Costumes

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