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halloween Inflatable Jetpack costume

halloween Inflatable Jetpack Costume
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When we were children, we knew what types of features were going to be like. Everybody; men, women and kids were going to have a hover-board. Usually, many of us were going to have robot butlers to do all our chores. Most of us were going to dress like David Bowie sometimes and our vehicles were going to be self-driving. Thus, they were going to up in the air! Speaking of flying by way of air, were not we all were to have jetpacks too?

If your answer is “yes”, then visit halloweencostumeforkids.com. Here you will get quality Jetpack costume at best price. All these inflatable Halloween costume are tailor-made for adults and kids.

Wear Jetpack Costume and Blast Of Into the Sky


This type of hysterical costume can create the illusion. You are blasting off into the sky using a massive rocket strapped to your back. But your legs will dangle below. Well, we did get those crazy root vacuum cleaners. And, a few people have taken on a very stylish sense at present time! There were no jet packs waiting for us, but we have promised. Well, now you want to keep your dream alive. And, you want to buy Jetpack inflatable Halloween costume for you and your kids. That’s pretty interesting; with this costume you can make people impressed. Because people may think you are an astronaut. You should get it, that you have always dreamt of.

Jetpack Costume – Its Description


Take your love for Jetpack to the next level this Halloween day! Yes, this rocket type costume will win every costume contest. You will be the center of attraction. It needs a motor for inflation but requires 4 AA batteries that you need to buy additionally. You will be the talk of the Halloween party. It includes: costume, motor for inflation and fabric strips flames. The fabric strips flames will flutter like flames.

Size of Jetpack Costume


It is up to you which size of Jetpack costume you want. The small size costume is suitable for 6 to 8 years, medium is for 8 to 10 years and large for 10 to 12 years. A great costume, perfect for having Halloween fun!


Jetpack Costume – Design and Style


The costume has zipper closure and belt clip battery pack. It is 100 percent polyester costume, and has motor for inflation. The costume is easy to wear and comes with instruction for use. The back part of this inflatable Halloween costume looks like a jetpack. It is comfortable to wear. The fan run time is approximately four hours if you use good quality Duracell batteries.

Do you want to live in future? Sure, it may not be true one. And, you may not be able float in the air with this air, but Jetpack costume will give you a feel. You will feel like you are flying in the sky and living in the future!



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