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Vampire Costume

Vampire Costume

A plethora of options is available on Halloween costumes that can help one do full justice to the occasion. Amidst all of them, the one costume that was and is enjoying undivided attention is a vampire costume. People dressed in vampire costumes never fail to add an extra dose of spooky and weird elements to the Halloween parties. Despite the fact that superhero costumes are being considered widely these days yet the vampires can scare off the superheroes in no time. One cannot ignore a vampire knocking at the door for a treat as Satan knows what horrible tricks he is capable of.

 These types of popular Halloween costumes are available at many stores selling such unique dresses. The virtual stores are, however, the best places to source the Halloween outfits from. The vampire costume should be fashioned and designed in an appropriate manner in order to help one achieve the desired scary avatar. Buying it just from anywhere will definitely be a waste of money and misuse of an opportunity to showcase your creativity this Halloween. At the top of this, other necessary accessories are equally important to complete the vampire look flawlessly. The properly tailored outfit and the suitable accessories all contribute towards justifying the look.

Vampire costumes for kids

Little vampires lurking around in the dark for yummy treats look both scary and incredibly cute. Fashion your little one in a full-length satin cape, Dickie shirt front with Scarf Collar and a vest with attached sleeves. The outfit also includes a pant and medallion on ribbon. It is made of 100% polyester fabric. The double-breasted vest is made of maroon velvet and comes designed with attached white sleeves bearing elastic wrists. The Dickie shirt bears white buttons stitched at the top portion for ensuring easy closure. The trouser is in black color and features an elastic waistband. The vampire cape stays secured around the shoulder with 2 buttons and a silver chain. It comes lined with purple on the inside and features a huge foam collar to help the little one resemble the classic vampire appearance in the best way possible.

To give the Gothic-styled Count Dracula look the final touch up, the silver Gothic medallion is provided along bearing red-colored rhinestones in middle.

Vampire costumes for women

Why should boys have all the fun? Vampire costumes for women will help females also taste the blood this Halloween. The vampire outfit for females will include a Gown, Petticoat, Headband, and Hat. The costume will feel comfortable against the skin as it is made of 100% polyester fabric and 100% polyurethane foam. It will not be tough to wear it as this is a pullover dress. The costume comes designed with lace sleeves, a collar made of foam, shoulder drapes, and a peaked hemline. The dress is designed elaborately to add some elements of glamour and style to it besides making it look dreadful. The frontal portion of the gown is ornamented with a lace-covered inset panel and the edges bear silver braid and ruffled netting. To ensure the gown fits properly there is a tie made of the same gown material around the waist portion and the petticoat comes with elastic waist. The hat is made foam bearing elastic loops sliding over the plastic headband.

Vampire Cape

Without this significant vampire costume accessory, your vampire avatar cannot create any awe around. A classic vampire outfit will most definitely include a vampire cape. The cape is made of satin for achieving that lightness essential to achieve a flowing pattern. The cape comes featured with red lining and black-colored shell. The cape stays fastened with Velcro tab at the neck with a stand-up collar bearing peaked edge.

Vampire teeth

No matter how judiciously the vampire costume is designed and how selectively you shopped for all the accessories, without vampire teeth the look can never be achieved. A set of Vampire teeth is an integral part of a vampire costume. Vampire fangs are available that can be reused and come with instructions for using it hassle-free. They are custom-fit. The fangs will comfortably and properly fit your mouth without any discomfort.

Now, with all these, you are ready to scare the daylight out of other participants in the Halloween night.

Vampire Costume

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