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halloween riding dino inflatable costume

halloween dino inflatable costume
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 Are you happy dressing as a lady vampire or witch every Halloween? Are you planning to dress up again as a famous Disney Princess? Will you attend a carnival dressed as a dragon? These are common scenarios at every Halloween costume party. In carnivals and cosplay events also these look boring now. People also spot Superhero characters in cosplays often. If you wish to create a lasting impression, opt for Dino Inflatable Costume. It will give you a competitive edge for sure. You might win the best dressed trophy as well. They are different so capture attention faster. Inflated outfits look surprising and also beautiful.
At halloweencostumeforkids.com, you can find this inflatable halloween costume. These are available at competitive pricing on our site.

Interesting facts on Dino

Dinosaurs always fascinate us. This giant reptile is extinct now. Still, it captures our attention. As per scientific research, they existed about 65 million years ago. They extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Scientists believe there were over 700 different species of dinosaurs. All these are identified and named. Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, and Apatosaurus are few examples. Argentinosaurus was the largest dinosaur ever known. Many films are made on dinosaurs. Jurassic Park and it's sequels are the best so far. Several animated films for kids are also there. No doubt, air filled dino costume will steal the limelight.

Dino inflatable costume description

Our air filled dino inflatable costume package includes an inflator. It stays hidden inside the costume. The inflated dino bodysuit extends from waist till foot only. The upper body part is not covered.


The picture shown here is of adult size. Inflatable dino costume is available in kid's sizes as well. When inflated, it will stand several feet tall. In general, they are not available in different sizes. It is more like one size fits all. You can still find options on size with us.


The tailoring is unique. It feels good to domesticate a dinosaur and ride it! In your imagination at least it's possible. Another way is to get this costume. It looks like the young woman is riding the dino. We shaped it like a green dinosaur. It is bending forward and carrying someone on its back. The designing is fascinating. From the sides of the mouth a black strip is there. You hold it to show as you are controlling it. A pair of legs in denim blue trouser surrounds the waist part. The belly part of the dino is lemon green.


This inflatable suit fits with the drawstring waist. You put on like you do with your skirt or jeans. You pull the drawstring at your waist. The inflator will inflate the costume. It will stay attached to the back. There will be no difficulty to walk around in this. There will be no suffocation as the upper part is not covered.


Polyester fabric is our choice. The dress material allows the person to stay comfortable all through. The fabric is hypoallergenic. No skin irritation at all. It feels soft against the skin. A fair addition of latex is also there. Latex makes the costume durable and very strong. It will last for years.


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