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halloween cow inflatable costume

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Being unique is not tough now. Halloween costume parties and carnivals demand you to be creative and unique. Disney Princess and Superhero outfits are becoming very common. They have lost their unique appeal. Though they are popular but are not surprising any more. You can capture more attention by being different and unique. Cow Inflatable Costume will surprise and awe all spectators at any carnival. Halloween inflatable costumes also are more fun and surprising than being scary. Funny unique outfits are better choices than Spine-chilling costumes.

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Why opt for a cow air-filled costume?

One of the best spooktacular creations is this costume. Cow Inflatable Costume is enjoying impressive demand these days. It looks surprising, unique, funny and also spooky. A giant cow walking around is spooky yet spectacular. This is the best inflatable halloween costume you can opt for. Mascots used to wear Inflatable outfits.  But now you also can wear it to amaze others in cosplay parties. It will give you a competitive edge. An inflatable costume is an outfit that is inflated around the wearer. A battery-powered blower inside the costume helps to do it. Blower is also called fan. The fan sucks air into the costume and inflate it. A several feet tall cow walking around will not go unnoticed. Making it at home watching YouTube videos will be a silly decision.

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Cow Inflatable Costume description

The cow air-filled outfit comes with a package including a cow bodysuit. Fans are there inside the costume. The package also includes 2 battery-operated blowers. You can call them either Blowers or fans.



In general, the inflated costume stands around 10 feet tall when inflated. This much height is not suitable for kids. The size of an inflated cow outfit for kids need to be a bit lesser. These costumes are available for both kids and adults. A size chart might be present on the website. Place your order according to your requirements.

Design pattern

The bodysuit features black dots on a white background design. The pattern resembles the ones we spot on grazing cows. The irregular dots are more like black patches. The head part looks like the mouth of a cow. The design is done that way. There is a nose and a pair of horns in orange hue. The hand and foot parts are black. It represents the hooves of a cow. 

The face part is open

The bodysuit covers the entire body except the face. You can see around at ease. There will be no difficulty in breathing and looking around. One of the most common reasons to buy this costume is this feature. The face part is open so the user will not feel suffocated.


We used waterproof latex fabric and Polyester fabric. It ensures that the dress material is very durable and last longer.  Polyester fabric makes it comfortable to wear. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. It will feel soft against the skin.

It is not difficult at all to put on this costume. You need to step into the outfit and turn on the blower inside the costume. Pull the drawstring at the neck to inflate the costume. You are ready to grab attention now wherever you go.  


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size chart

size chart