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halloween shark inflatable costume

halloween shark inflatable costume
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Inflatable halloween costumes are becoming very popular these days. They can turn heads and look quite stunning. A life-sized shark inflatable costume can help you attract the attention of everyone. You can be a big hit at any cosplay event. Such costumes are suitable for attending any carnival and cosplay event. In halloween costume parties, the demand for inflatable costumes are noteworthy. Your entrance in one such will be quite impressive and appreciated. At halloweencostumeforkids.com you will get this shark costume at best prices.


Shark- the undisputed deep blue sea threat!

Sharks fascinate us. The horrific tales about sharks let our imagination go wild. The same is true for kids. For them sharks are scary wondrous creatures lurking around in the deep blue sea. Sharks inhabit oceans. There are around 500 species of shark but not all are man-eaters. A dozen of these are dangerous. Great White Shark is the most dangerous shark across the globe. Report says that it caused 431 deadly incidents. It claimed about 80 innocent lives. Stripped Tiger sharks and Bull sharks are also dangerous. We know that dangerous sharks bite the victim and drag it under water. This is what you need for terrifying others and also impressing upon them this Halloween. A life-sized white shark moving around up close will be real terror.

You can try another inflatable halloween costume. The shark air filled costume will be the best.


Shark inflatable costume description

The shark inflatable costume package includes an inflatable bodysuit. The package also includes 2 battery-operated fans of standard quality. The fans stay hidden inside the outfit.


The air filled shark costume can be quite a feet tall when inflated. A size chart is usually given along on the website. At halloweencostumeforkids.com numerous costumes in different sizes are available. Check the size before placing your order.



We are a big fan of polyester fabric. This dress material helps the person to stay comfortable wearing it. The fabric does not irritate the human skin. It is hypoallergenic. A moderate addition of latex is also there. Waterproof latex material makes the costume resistant against wear and tear. It makes it very durable.

Easy to slip in and carry

The inflated bodysuit comes with a back zipper. It might be in the front as well.  You need to step into the outfit and turn on the small electric fan inside the costume. Then, pull the drawstring at the neck to inflate the costume at ease.  There will be no difficulty in walking and moving around. This mascot shark Halloween costume is not difficult to wear. We kept it minimalist to help you carry it hassle-free.



It is in grey and white. You can also opt for the deep blue white one.



We shaped it in a way that looks like an original shark. The artificial pectoral fins are also designed and installed there on the body. You can see through the big jaw part. You can see small jaw sketched on the frontal side.

This is a unique and also a scary halloween costume. It will help you stand out in the crowd.



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size chart

size chart