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halloween horse inflatable costume

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Looking different and unique is necessary in any cosplay event. Halloween costume parties allow our imagination go wild and dress as we like. Looking simple is not desirable in a Halloween party. An Inflatable halloween costume is perfect for all kinds of theme dress events. Once the costumes inflate it looks quite unique. Earlier, mascots used to wear these. Now, you can attend the Halloween in a Horse Inflatable Costume. This is trending these days. The Costume can give you a competitive edge. The outfit is enough to attract all the attention of other participants. To stand out in the crowd of many, select this outfit. 

At halloweencostumeforkids.com we tailored one such for you. It looks very interesting and is eye-catchy. 

Show off the horse energy in the party now

An Inflatable Costume inflates around the wearer. Battery-powered blowers or fan cause this inflation. The fan pulls in the air inside the costume. It helps to make the user look like a giant. If it is of a horse then it looks like a giant horse. Adult female horses are mare. Three years old female horses and younger ones are Filly. A young male horse is  Colt. Adult ones are Stallion. Their life expectancy is 25-30 years. Isolated horses become hard to manage. Anyone dressed likeacowboy riding horsealso will attract attention. If not then it will ruin your mood. We will not let that happen. Horses run shortly after birth. It has enormous energy. Horses gallop at about 44 kph or 27 mph. If you feel that adrenaline rush inside you then the costume portrays you the best. 

Horse Inflatable Costume description

You do nor need to come to the party riding a horse. We can provide with a safer  alternative to attract everyone's attention. Our horse inflatable costume comes with an inflatable prancing horse outfit. An inflator fan or blower is also there. It also includes a white hat. The inflator fan is battery-operated. It will need 4 AA batteries. The battery might not be in the package. 


It is available in an adult size. You can make special request for a kid-sized inflatable prancing horse costume. 

Design and styling

Our inflatable horse outfit does not look like a life-sized horse. We designed it in a more unique and attractive way. It looks as if the user is a cowboy riding horse. It is not a full body costume. It does not cover the upper half of your body. It is more like a fancy trouser. The trouser contains inflator fan. The styling of the part resembles a prancing horse. The waist part looks like the lower half of a horse rider. 


It is a major feature of the costume. Unique color combinations make it look more attractive. Around the waist the inflated part resembles the lower half of a horse rider. Blue trouser and brown boots is the design pattern. The horse is in deep ash and cream or off-white. The spikes lining the head of the horse are in light green. The mouth part is also light green. 

Easy to wear

Put it on the way you wear your trouser. Pull the drawstring around the waist part. It comes with a plastic cord so pulling the drawstring is easy. 


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