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inflatable hulk costume suit

inflatable hulk costume
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If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you have to be a fan of this big green monster. It’s perhaps the most badass character of the entire Avenger team. He smashes and crashes everything that comes in his path. His green bulky figure is perhaps the first thing that will attract your attention. No matter what but the kids love The Hulk and thus the craze for inflatable Hulk costume is skyrocketing nowadays.  So, if your kid also fancies becoming this green monster for a day then our stock can surely fulfill the need. But before you make any purchase you should be absolutely sure about the product specification so that you can make a successful purchase. Below I am sharing all the details you need to make this piece your own.

inflatable Hulk Costume: The Best Things To Have In Halloween!

Halloween is the best time to pull out something quirky and weird. After all this is the one day in your entire year where you can literally choose to dress up like anything you want. So why not try a superhero and the inflated costume of Hulk will surely give you a grand entry. Needless to say, the inflated costumes will surely bring a lot of attention towards you. Now let’s look at the description of this costume for easy and reliable purchase.

Now who is not a fan of hulk? This is perhaps the most appealing and crowd favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that green bulky body, this super-monster destroys everything that crosses his path. If you have seen any of his movies or even the Avenger series, you know what I mean.  So have you ever felt like becoming this green monster for at least one day? Then this post is dedicated to you. Read on as I, on behalf of halloweencostumeforkids.com will be telling you all about our inflatable hulk costume. Be it Halloween or just any other family occasion, such costumes can surely light up the environment. Bring out the superhero in you as we give you the perfect inflated costume that will grab everyone’s attention. So let’s look at the details of this costume.

Inflated Hulk Costume: The Perfect Outfit To Have A Stupendous Entry

Remember the entry Hulk had in the Avengers first movie? What if you get something similar? Wouldn’t that be something worth remembering for everyone? Well this is exactly what you can get with the hulk costume. With this you can made a grand entry so that everyone will be taken aback like all the enemies feel when they see hulk. Needless, to say if you want to crash a Halloween party in style then this inflated costume is definitely all you need to make a lasting impression. Now, let’s look at the specifications.


  • This inflated suit will surely revive the green monster movie hero.
  • The disguise is quite original, and it is inflatable costume. If you can use just a touch of makeup to make more real!
  • The Size: Adult
  • Color: Green top and Blue bottom
  • The Inflation System will include Battery
  • The inflated costume imitates the actual stature and look of Hulk which will make your disguise much more realistic.
  • Characteristic of the Hulk’s appearance the top part is green and the bottom comes in Blue like you might have spotted in the movie.
  • The dress is very easy to get in and out. It has a zip in the bag which makes the transition very smooth and easy.
  • The best part is that the inflation system will come with batteries which will make the use easier and much convenient.
  • The size we have currently in our platform is perfect for adults. So if you want to try something fun this Halloween, our stock is up for grabs.

With this unique dress in place, all you need is a bit of enhancements. If you feel like taking this thing  one more step further then you can use some makeup and make the look much more realistic. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at sexycostumesbuy.com and explore our stock of Hulk costume before they run out.          



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