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halloween minion inflatable costume

halloween minion inflatable costume
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It’s time for fun this Halloween day with minion inflatable costume. It is an adorable but mischievous creature that has taken the animated world by storm! Being a henchman might not be the most handsome job, but somebody has to do it. Isn’t it? Without the minion, the world would lose out on so much and that could be dangerous. Now, the questions are – who will help Gru build his crazy machines? Who will entertain Margo, Agnes and Edith? Who will foil the Scarlet Overkill’s attempts at world domination? Yes, we need more and more minion Stuart on earth. Have you considered becoming a minion this Halloween day?


If your answer is “yes”, then halloweencostumeforkids.com can be the place for you. Here, you get interesting tailor-made inflatable Halloween costume for adults and kids.

Minion Inflatable Costume Is So Much Fun And Scary


That’s correct! You could be a Minion Stuart. Sure, you are a little bit bigger than a normal Minion, and you are a lot less – yellow. But that should not stop you from trying to enter the world of minions. If may like bananas or desire to build weird gadgets, then you may serve the world as one of the Minions. All you need is to go straight and look right like a Minion Kevin or Stuart. This Minion Stuart costume is the one that you need to make your Halloween day special.


Minion Inflatable Costume: Description

Take your love for minions to the next level this Halloween day! Yes, this inflatable Halloween costume will win every costume contest. You will be the center of attraction! The inflatable costume comes with a powerful battery operated fan. It keeps the costume inflated round-the-clock. You will be the talk of the party. It includes: a costume, a battery-operated fan, gloves, and a Velcro closure. The battery type is 4 AA. You can hand wash it. If you want to buy shoes, you need to buy it with extra cost.


If you try to decide between two sizes, choose the larger for a better fit. The costume is available in an adult size. Don’t worry, if you need, you can make a special request for a kid’s size as well. Available sizes are: small, medium, large, plus size, 1x and 2x.

Design, Style & Color

Minion inflatable costume includes many things. These are: black gloves, a gray, black, yellow, blue and pink costume, and a matching jumpsuit. You can finish this excellent look with comfortable sneakers. You can take other accessories, like yellow face paint and a minion mascot. You need to buy them all with extra prices.

Easy to wear

It is 100% polyester woven inflatable jumpsuit w/zipper enclosure on back. The jumpsuit legs fit with elastic ankles bands. Eye is transparent for wearers’ visibility, mesh cover to assist identify secret. It is very comfortable costume for all ages and sizes.

If you want to make your Halloween day memorable, you should go for it. A costume that will make you a center stage of attraction!


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