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halloween pikachu inflatable costume

halloween pikachu inflatable costume
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Halloween does not mandate looking always scary and wild. You can dress your child in our cute yellow Pikachu Inflatable costume as well. It will help him look different and unique from other participants in any cosplay event. In halloween costume parties also he can present himself as a cute Pikachu. This inflatable halloween costume is trending these days so it will be a good choice for your child. Your kid will be the hit of the party.

Pikachu  are a species of Pokémon. It has made numerous appearances in several animated television shows, video games and movies. Kids are very fond of this super cute Pikachu. They will surely like to dress up as Pikachu. In movies and TV shows, we have seen Pikachu is dressed as a Mimikyu.


Who are Pikachu?

Pikachu are rodent-like creatures in yellow. They look adorable. They possess remarkable electrical abilities. Many people wonder whether Pikachu speaks. Yes, he has a squeaky voice and speaks in a shaky way. There is no doubt that Pikachu is a male as he is attracted to Emolga. Female Pikachus always feature a heart-shaped lightning bolt on their tails. The Pikachu we are talking about here does not have such. He only has a lightning bolt tail that has no heart symbol. Pikachu Inflatable costume will not be easy to tailor by watching YouTube videos. It will be better to look for such an outfit at Halloween costume for kids.com.


In the costume description part, we will highlight the major features of this



Needless to say, Pikachu inflatable costume description is available in yellow color. The bright yellow colour is quite eye-catchy. This costume is unisex. Both boys and girls can wear it.


Easy to wear

This funny halloween costume is easy to wear. Your child will not feel suffocated or too heavy to carry on with the look. The user will feel no discomfort. There will be no difficulty in walking and moving around in this mascot funny halloween costume. Step into the outfit and turn on the small electric fan inside the costume. Pull the drawstring at the neck to inflate the costume real quick.


The design pattern

We have kept the designs and decorations the same as we see on Pikachu. It will look as if a Pikachu is standing before you live. Rosy red cheeks and two big black dots represent the enthusiastic eyes. Two spikey rabbit-like ears are also there. The mouth part is in black. It looks very cute on an overall basis.



A fan is secretly designed inside the inflatable costume. Inflatable costume or air-inflated Pikachu costume comes with a battery-powered fan or blower. It helps to inflate the outfit. It will suck the air inside the costume. Generally, a battery is available along. These costumes with 4 AA batteries last around for 4 hours.


This will be a funny halloween costume. It has become the go to Halloween costumes in recent times. You can wear it at any cosplay and carnival as well. Such inflatable costumes are suitable for both boys and girls.


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