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halloween flamingo inflatable costume

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A cosplay event allows one to dress as she pleases. Halloween costume parties and carnivals also provide these opportunities. We should use this scope to present ourselves in the most eye-catchy way possible. A wide variety of Halloween costumes is flooding the market. Many of these have become quite common and unappealing. Styling your daughter every time as a Disney Princess is boring. People have seen it many times before. You can opt for an Inflatable halloween costume to amaze others this time. These types of costumes are trending these days. We are recommending you to opt for a flamingo inflatable costume. It will help in making an impressive entrance to any carnival or Halloween party. 


At halloweencostumeforkids.com you can get one such air-filled outfit at ease. The costume description given here will help you understand the outfit better. 


Are Flamingos worth our attention? 


Flamingo is a kind of wading bird in the family Phoenicopteridae. They look stunning and unique compared to other birds. Their noteworthy physical traits include their pink-colored feathers. The pink feathers vary in color from dark to light pink.  It makes them look spectacular with a long neck and long legs. It is an interesting fact that flamingos do not have pink feathers since birth. They have grey feathers that turn into pink in time. Experts believe it is due to a natural pink dye called canthaxanthin. The birds get it from their diet of blue-green algae and brine shrimp. You will find them beside the edges of freshwater lakes, saltwater, and lagoons.  The legs of these birds do not have any muscle! This is the reason being they are breakable at ease. The stature and grace of a flamingo is worth admiring. Your child will look better and unique in inflatable flamingo costume.  Let her look beautiful and feel unique in our outfit. 

Flamingo bird inflatable costume description


Our air filled flamingo costume is unique and attractive. We did not design the entire costume in the shape of this bird. On contrast, it looks as if your child is riding the bird. The costume package includes an inflatable flamingo costume. There is also an inflator fan in the package m 



It looks like a child is riding the flamingo. This inflatable suit fits with the drawstring waist. The body is in pink with a glossy finishing touch. The legs and the mouth are white. Black beak helps to add more definition to it. Hi



The size is suitable for a small child to use it. It is also available in an adult size. A size chart may be there along the image on the website. It is better to consult the size chart before ordering. It will stand a few feet tall when inflated. 



We used Polyester fabric. It ensures that the dress material is very durable. It will last longer.  Polyester fabric makes it feel comfortable and soft against the skin. It is hypoallergenic and does. 



Put it on like you do with a skirt. Your child will not feel any difficulty in walking around. The inflatable fan inflates the costume. It stays attached to the back. 

Your child will look unique in this for sure. 



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size chart

size chart