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Catwoman Costume

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Halloween is celebrated at many countries on 31st October every year to pay homage to dead ones and remember the recently departed souls. People dress up in unique styled costumes that mostly are Vampire costumes, Devil costumes, Superhero costumes etc. Kids indulge in the fun in full throttle and the adults too do not hesitant to have a slice of this fun. They treat the kids knocking their doors with candies & other suitable things and go out dressed uniquely to rock the Halloween parties.

Women and young ladies since decades have been spotted wearing Disney Princess costumes or the most popular choice—the Witch costumes! They especially witch and lady vampire costumes, no doubt are quality Halloween party-wear choices made. However, same common things fail to attract attention and sustain the attention for a longer span. If you believe in being unique to stand out in the crowd then Halloween Catwoman costumes deserve your attention. This seductive and unique costume will not fail you to earn quality compliments from everyone present around.

Sexy catwoman dress

The cat woman costume is not just a single costume available at every reputed virtual store. There is a wide range of options available on Catwoman costume in terms of style, tailoring, design and fashion. Around 5-6 variations and even more can be availed at ease to pick from that best matches your preference and choice. The sexy feline catwoman costume will help you look different than the rest of the women present around dressed as Disney Princesses or Wonder Women. You have a greater chance to steal limelight dressed in this iconic DC Comic character.

Though there are many varieties available, we can pick one from the options available and describe it a bit. Let us provide you with some detailed description concerning the sexy catwoman dress for helping you to understand better.

Catwoman costume description

The sexy catwoman Halloween costume consist of a catsuit, belt, and ear headband. The costume is basically a jumpsuit that is quite easy to slip inside it. The outfit is made using polyester primarily in combination with a negligible percentage of spandex that helps the costume do full justice to the curves of a woman. This outfit comes designed with a zip positioned at the back. This sexy feline Catsuit costume features a shiny and glossy exterior finish that gives it an impression of leather. You can also expect to get a black-colored headband featuring a soft-to-touch stuffed cat ear that has an extended portion. This extended part is meant to cover the head portion of the user.

The outfit package also is available with a black belt beautified further with a huge round silver buckle, adorning the waist portion of the person. To complement the seductive feline appearance the outfit package further includes a bendable 30 inches tall cat tail that you can be attached to your back.

The Catwoman costume or any other Halloween costume bought online should be ordered for after consulting the size chart. If the costume does not fit you and complement your curves appropriately, know for sure you will look more clownish than female fatale!

Catwoman cosplay clothes

Cosplay can be described as a costume play event where participants make appearances in uniquely tailored costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific popular character. This is similar to Halloween parties to a certain extent, as far as the dressing part is concerned. Here the participants wearing character costumes are termed as Cosplayers. If you are browsing through our collection for making an appearance at cosplay events then also our stock is diverse enough to dazzle you. Catwoman cosplay clothes enjoy a distinguished status as a popular cosplay costume. Its popularity is not going to minimize anytime soon. To further enhance the feline look, it will be better to pair the dress with a few suitable accessories.

To begin with, let’s focus on

Adult Catwoman Wig

The seductive Catwoman look cannot be brought to its almost perfect state if long, luscious wig featuring synthetic auburn hair goes missing. The wig comes featured with a lace mesh-lined interior so that it sits comfortably on the scalp, without causing discomfort. This adult catwoman wig is officially licensed.

Deluxe Catwoman Mask

This will help adding a fair dose of mystery and an exotic charm to your overall catwoman getup. The deluxe catwoman mask comes with a few items including the catwoman eyemask, goggles and a headpiece. This is also an officially licensed Catwoman accessory. Look stunningly attractive without completely revealing your true identity, thus creating an aura of mysticism around you. The goggles come designed with tinted lens. The eye mask is of molded latex. The headpiece is beautifully seated on a black colored headband. It does not cause any discomfort even if you keep wearing it for hours.

Nail Gloves

A cat without nails is bound to lose its kitty appeal significantly. Can you afford to make any sort compromise on your feline appearance when you hit the Halloween party or participate at cosplays? If you answered “No” then you have to shop for black Nail Gloves. This gloves come made using 100% polyester fabric interlock knit. It features a shiny and glossy finish making it look even more appealing. You do not need worrying if your nails are brittle and does not grow well. The gloves bear sharp and pointed silver colored nails made of plastic that are glued to all the 10 fingers of the glove. They look real and as they are of plastic so no risk of accidentally scratching anybody at the party. There is a cut-out on the backside of both the hands. The Velcro wrist strap ensures user-friendliness.

All these Catwoman cosplay and Halloween costume along with these accessories would contribute jointly to make your efforts successful. You can give a good competition to others at the Halloween party or at the cosplay events with your feline look. Just ensure you shop judiciously without making any compromises. Prepare yourself flawlessly for enjoying a competitive edge at any themed dress event. Good Luck!

Catwoman Costume

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