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Catwoman costume leather
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Catwoman is a fictional DC Comics character and is the known as the most enduring lady love of Batman. Her unique one-piece skin-tight outfit and her involvement in wrong doings for the right reason make her standout among other super anti-heroines. Catwoman has made multiple appearances in several films, animated series and as such in several media adaptations pertaining to Batman. Halloween celebrated in the month of October is much loved by all as during this time people get the scope to dress up in unique & weird style and indulge in fun. If you are planning to look extremely attractive but have no intention to dress like a fairytale Disney princess then it will be better if you opt for a Catwoman costume this Halloween season. Your Catwoman getup can never escape a second glance from people attending the Halloween party, in their respective chosen avatar.

At Halloween parties, people model their appearance and getup as per the popular film, TV series, novel characters (similar like cosplay) and visit Halloween parties to have great fun with family & Friends.  Sexy Catwoman costume has a certain “Wow” factor added to it that can help anyone emerge as the most devilishly charming lady at any themed dress event. Let us, at halloweencostumeforkids.com, give you some detailed description of the dress here to help you understand how exotic and attractive it really is.

The Catwoman costume description

This is a corset Catwoman costume and the package includes several items for establishing the Catwoman look flawlessly. The package includes the catwoman corset, which is a one-piece body hugging outfit stretching up to the high upper leg portion (hot mini pant styled corset). A mask and gloves are other items included in the package. The corset is made using 50% polyester fabric, combined judiciously with 50% polyurethane foam. The net mesh covers the exposed shoulder portion and both the full arms. This type of tailoring helps in adding more glamour and elegance to the overall outfit. It is backless with the net mesh covering the part making it properly visible through the fabric.

The mask covers the entire upper head portion, running down until the tip of the nose. The eye portion is again designed with the net mesh that does not obstruct the view completely. It just helps to add some mysticism to the getup and you can easily hide your identity wearing the mask appropriately. The masks feature elastic band so it will not be a hassle to wear and take it off anytime you wish. The gloves are available in black color, like the rest items of the costume package.

This is an officially licensed Halloween  Catwoman costume and you will find a size chart provided along the image on our website. The size chart need to be consulted and ordered according to ensure the costume fit you appropriately.

Fashion yourself as a Catwoman wearing the outfit for any themed dress event to enjoy a competitive edge over others. This not just makes you look stunningly gorgeous but also enables you to look unique and different.


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size chart

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