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Catwoman is a well known DC Comic character who walks a dangerous line between incorporating as a heroine or a villain. Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle in the comic book series. She is known for having a disheartening past. Her past plays into her sometimes confused character. She is known for helping Batman in the time he needs help for standing against the bigger threats. She has also been known to fight against Batman as well. She strolls the same Gotham streets as Batman and often the two meet up for a nighttime brawl. Would you like to see yourself like her? Then Catwoman costume are here to make your dream come true.


Catwoman wears a black suit. People often say this is a kind of vampire costume. For any kid out there seeking for a funny October-ready outfit, the children vampire costume puts a funny twist on the traditional vampire look. If you are women, and like vampire type costume, then you are in need of some elegance, here you can get all you need to enhance your figure.

Catwoman is also known as a feisty vigilante. She is known for kicking butt in her skin-tight black catsuit. She looks amazing. Her weapon of choice is a black leather whip, a sharp and dangerous. She is also extremely skilled in gymnastics and good at hand to hand fight. One of the most interesting things is – she is empathetic to all felines. In this Halloween day, if you like to see yourself like this feisty vigilante then look no further than Catwoman costume, also you can choose a vampire or witch costume to make people scared. It is an adult costumes, but a child can also wear it. It could be your Halloween day special suit.

Items Included:


  • A nice jumpsuit
  • A headband and gloves



  • The jumpsuit is made of 100 percent polyester
  • The jumpsuit color is black with screen-printed detailing
  • You will get an attached shiny long boot cover
  • Headband with plastic ears
  • Polyfoam belt with nice molded pockets


Buy high quality sexy black Catwoman costumes that are simply flattering and come in an assortment of sleek bodysuits. We are sure that you love to wear and enjoy the suit. Buying Halloween suits are easy now. Buying online is easy and affordable at the same time. Visit the website, and check out the accessories to really stand out.


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