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toddler boys Gekko costume - pj masks

toddler boys Gekko costume - pj masks
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Children love PJ Masks characters. All of them are exceptional with unique superpowers. But Gekko is the strongest of all because of his special muscle power. With his super Gekko muscles, he can lift heavy things. He is always ready for the action because of his courage. One more power of pj masks Gekko is blending with the environment due to his Camouflage power. All these powers attract children, and they want to be Gekko one day. We all know that it is not possible, but you can get a toddler Gekko costume for your child. This would be a great present, and your boy will surely love it.

Halloweencostumeforkids has brought a special Gekko costume, which will help your child to look like Gekko. We have designed the toddler Gekko costume to look the same. Let’s look at some of the important features of the halloween costume.

Features of Toddler Pj Masks Gekko Costume

The features of our toddler Gekko costume are given below.

Color of the Suit

Greg loves reptiles, especially lizards. He also owns a pet named “Lionel,” which is also a lizard. This is the main reason that Gekko has the same color. Pj masks Gekko is completely green from head to toe. The whole body is dark green, while a few parts such as head fin, eyebrows, Gekko symbol, and muscles are light green. Our costume also has a similar color. The whole costume is green, and a few things are light green and shiny.

Pattern on the Costume

The pattern on the toddler Gekko costume is the most important thing. Gekko is inspired by the reptilian family, especially lizards. He has a reptilian pattern on the body. This pattern is the identity of Gekko and without it the costume is incomplete. Therefore, our toddler Gekko costume also has the same reptilian pattern. The pattern is all over the costume, including the mask as well. The pattern is on the legs, chest, hands, back and everywhere.

Gekko Symbol

The Gekko symbol is the identity of Gekko, which is an important feature. The symbol shows the lizard's head and appears in the middle of the chest. The symbol is light green. Our costume also has the same symbol in the middle of the chest. The symbol has a green shiny finish so that it can shine. People will notice the shiny part, and it looks fascinating.


Pj masks Gekko has a thick reptilian tail at the back. This tail shows the inspiration from a lizard. The tail also has the same reptilian pattern as the whole body. Our toddler Gekko costume also has a thick tail that stands in the air. The tail of Gekko does not touch the ground, the same is the case with the tail of our costume. It comes out from the back and stays in the air.

Gekko Mask

Gekko costume has a green mask that has reptilian patterns all over. There are openings for eyes and mouth. The mouth opening is quite large and almost leaves the lower face from the nose to the chin. Therefore, your toddler can wear this costume with ease. He will not have any problem with breathing. The gekko mask also has shiny eyebrows that shine due to the reflection of light. One more important thing that Gekko possesses is the head fin. This head fin is just like the fins on the back of a large lizard. The fins are of different sizes that show the inspiration from a lizard. We have also included these fins on the mask. The fins are also shiny; therefore, they catch the eyes of the viewer.


Gekko is known because of his strength. He is the strongest of the whole team. He has muscles that appear on his body. When he uses the power, Super Gekko Muscles, these muscles help him to lift any heavy object. These muscles are very important. Our toddler Gekko costume also has these muscles. The muscles are on the knees, shoulders, and elbows. They appear to be shiny and light green.

Type of Suit

Our toddler Gekko costume is a jumpsuit that is perfect for toddlers. The best thing about the costume is that you don’t need to buy anything. You don’t need similar kinds of gloves or shoes. The jumpsuit makes it affordable for the parents. Your toddler only needs to wear it. There is nothing required.


Our Gekko toddler costume is very comfortable. It is made according to the toddlers so that they can be comfortable in it. The costume is made of polyester and cotton. It makes the toddler feel comfortable. It will not cause any irritation or allergy. Our top priority is quality and safety.


The toddler Gekko costume is available in four sizes. The sizes are extra-small, small, medium and large. It will be suitable for kids of 4-10 years. You can measure the height of your child in centimeters and order accordingly. The size and the corresponding heights are,

  • Extra Small (XS) – 100cm to 110cm
  • Small (S) – 110cm to 120cm
  • Medium (M) – 120cm to 130cm
  • Large (L) – 130cm to 140cm

The toddler Gekko costume will fit perfectly if you order the right size according to the height of your child. You can also contact us if you have an issue with the size.

Final Thought

Gekko is the favorite superhero of many children. They want to be Gekko to save the world. His superpowers and appearance attract children. You can make their wish come true by giving them the toddler Gekko costume. Our costume has all the required features, and your child will look like Gekko. Moreover, we have considered everything in the making of costume from style to comfort. There are different sizes available, so you can choose the appropriate one for your kids. Everything is included in the costume, and you don’t need to purchase anything separately. The price is also reasonable. You can make the day of your kid by giving him the costume. For more information, feel free to contact us.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the toddler Gekko costume today!


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