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captain america cosplay suit with Shield Kids Costume

captain america with Shield Kids Costume
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Captain America is the superhero of Marvel Comics. The collection of costumes presented in this section will allow you to create an image of an American hero.The Captain America Costume is presented for both boys and girls, and kids. For the Avengers super-team, there are favorite accessories from the movie “Captain America” - Captain America shield, gloves, boot covers, First Avenger mask. If you're a Marvel fan, Captain America's costumes will help you become the First Avenger. Hydra and Shield will no longer have secrets for you when you put on your blue and red jumpsuit, your mask and take your Captain America shield.

How to diy your Captain America Costume yourself

Captain America Costume


  1. Captain America Muscle Costume
  2. Brown Harness
  3. Brown Gloves
  4. Captain America Utility Belt
  5. Captain America Boots
  6. Captain America Shield


In these Captain America suits you will find in a standard format and also the Morph suit, very tight and perfect for combat. They are available for adults and children, and you will find the models that we have seen throughout their appearances in different movies and also others more daring and fun. The costume of Captain America for women is ideal for Carnival or a costume party as if you want to disguise as a group and each of you is a different superhero.

The great superheroes of the Marvel Universe choose an online costume to dress, and that's why we bring you the widest selection of CaptainAmerica Costume for kids and become one of The Avengers.

In addition to his traditional models and we have seen in the different appearances he has made in his film career, you will also find more daring and feminine versions, and others for boys and girls, who may be the bravest superhero in the next costume party or at the next Carnival.

If you believe that you are a big fan of this character, do not miss the elite or deluxe versions, both of his solo films and those of the Avengers versions.

Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers and is a vigilante who leaped the role of comics to theaters. His outfit consists of a suit with the flag of the United States and carries his shield to protect himself. Always in blue and red, but with different versions depending on the movie in which it appears. It ranks sixth among the 100 best comic book heroes of all time. There is nothing!

In addition to your costume, you can also celebrate a birthday on high with the decoration of Captain America, with its plates, candlesticks, and garlands.

Remember that this superhero is nothing without his gloves, his mask and his Captain America Shield with white, red and blue circles and his central star. Buy these Captain America costumes, your online costume shop, and live great adventures!

Remember that your superhero costume cannot miss the accessories and we also have decoration products so that your party environment deserves. In the most fun way possible!


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