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ikonik costume for kids and adults - fortnite

size chart            height       chest       Sleeve

120CM                107           66              50

130CM                116            70             52.5

140CM                125            74             55

150CM                134            78             57.5

ikonik costume for kids - fortnite

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fortnite costume is the hot halloween costume these 2 years.and also ikonik costume is  the hot fortnite costume in 2019 halloween.Ikonik costume is an Epic rarity Fortnite costume (Outfit). You can get it by purchasing Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e devices. This costume is included in the IKONIK set. This outfit was released on March 14, 2019.The costume is inspired by the Korean pop band iKON (Jung Chanwoo).

Fortnite Ikonik costume is a male skin presented by a guy wearing a sport suit. He looks like a teenager but can be a little bit elder than 18 years as well. There are bangs of hair on his face, colored in black and pink. Also, he is wearing a black and red cold-weather face mask, and the colors are the same as his sports suit. Underneath he has black and red pants that he is wearing right up to treggings. It supposed to be cold in his place, as there are two jackets one on another on upperparts. His sports shoes fit the look itself because it is red like some other parts of clothes. The hands are partly protected by fingerless gloves. He looks like a fast guy because of low weight overall.there are Red diagonal stripe on ikonik shirt and pants.he wear a pair of red shoes.There's a red microphone on his back.all  the  costume  said  that  he  is  a  street  Hipster.


How to diy your fortnite ikonik Costume yourself

ikonik Costume


  1. Black Baclava Face Mask
  2. Black Sportswear Hoodie and Shorts with Red Stripes
  3. White Thermal Crew Top Shirt
  4. Black Compression Tights Pants
  5. Black Fingerless Tactical Gloves
  6. Scarlet Red Running Sneakers
  7. Red Microphone

ikonik Costume different  from  other  fortnite costume

first,ikonik Costume do  not have  Strange shape of mask.Beef Boss costume  and Tomato head costume all have a big full mask.second,you  can  see  the  samilar costume  among  the  street  boys.it  is  a  common  costume,so  you  can  dress  it  normal days,but drift costume and  DJ Yonder Costume  can not .third,it is  pop singer costume,how  music fans like it.so  ikonik costume  is  a  best  halloween fortnite costume choice.


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size chart

size chart