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Beef Boss costume for kids - fortnite

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Beef Boss costume for kids - fortnite

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Halloween is approaching, and people are going crazy about what to wear and how to present them. The one thing that everyone is searching for now is unique. Wearing something entirely different from others that not many people have seen so far will be the key to your popularity at any Halloween party. A lot many people have already tried Marvel character costumes and Disney character outfits. You will surely get to see many such kids knocking your door with a treat bag, dressed as Spiderman, Superman, Batman and as such other Marvel characters. They would look nice but not much unique and noteworthy as the same kinds of outfits are tried every year by maximum children. If you wish to try something offbeat and unique on your son, then shop for Beef Boss Costume for Kids. Just look at the costume, and you will know how unusual and weird it is. At www.halloweencostumeforkids.com you will easily get to buy this odd Halloween outfit.

The Beef Boss Costume is an Epic male skin that was first seen during Season 5. Most have been waiting for the release of this costume, it features a burger mask with two large eyes and a large tongue coming straight out of the beef. In addition he features a Blue long sleeve shirt and Brown pants that gives him the fast food look. This outfit also comes with the Deep Fried Back Bling.Official Description: Victory well done.This skin is part of the Beef Boss Set which has a total of five cosmetic items. Aside from the outfit, the set also features the Grill Sergeant Outfit (Uncommon), Deep Fried Back Bling (Epic), Flying Saucer Glider (Epic) and the Patty Whacker Pickaxe (Uncommon).The Beef Boss features is a wacky costume that features a male avatar wearing a big wacky burger mask with two huge googly eyes and a big tongue (patty) hanging out. The costume features a blue long sleeve polo shirt and brown pants with many writing decals that are themed under fast-food. The costume is pretty funny to look at and is also pretty easy to spot due to its bright colors and vivid color combination.is a skin for Male characters. This skin is a man with a huge burger mask on his head. He wears a blue shirt and brown pants with bright details. His costume is in the style of fast food. This costume looks funny because of its head and bright colors. There is another alternative skin in Fortnite – Tomatohead. This is part of a set Durr Burger – Popular Fast Food place in Fortnite.

This epic costume is part of the Durrr Burger Set. Purchasing the outfit also grants the player an epic back bling called Deep Fried.

In this article, we will be giving some essential details about this Beef Boss fortnite cosplay so that the readers can make an informed purchasing decision.

Beef Boss Costume details

It is a unique costume that you can wear for any themed dress events or cosplay parties. The most remarkable part of the entire suit is the uppermost head (including the face and neck) portion. This part is styled and molded in the shape of a yummy beef burger! Yes, as you can also see in the image given here that the headpiece is designed precisely as per the form of a burger. The upper bun styled portion bears two frog-like protruding round eyes. Between the two eyes, you will notice a small tooth-pick kind of sharp stick (artificial obviously), bearing an olive-like decoration at its upper end. The headpiece has beautifully portrayed the unique artistic combination of a burger and a frog face. The eyes, the nose, and the hanging tongue protruding out from the upper portion have helped to make it look weird and peculiar. It goes very well with the essence of any funny themed party—Halloween events.

The headpiece is designed in a way that looks just like a burger containing two buns, one beef patty, a slice of cheese, and a tomato. It is simply awesome! 

This beef boss Halloween costume package also includes a padded full-sleeve shirt, a belt with silver buckles, trousers, and a pair of red-n-gold boot. The shirt is in purple, and the left frontal and posterior portion are designed using golden-yellow color. The trouser also is in the same golden-yellow color bearing a patch on the left leg and textual graphics in lemon-yellow color on the right leg.

From the lower portion of the knee, there is an artificial limb-like material provided. Around the waist, there is a side-bag offered along. On an overall basis, the entire costume is too unique and peculiar-looking to accurately describe here. For further details and ordering the dress, visit the site.



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size chart

size chart