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Tomato head costume cosplay for kids and adult - fortnite

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120CM           107           66              50

130CM           116            70             52.5

140CM           125            74             55

150CM           134            78             57.5

good include:Tomato head costume suit,Tomato head mask

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Redefine the definition of quirkiness this Halloween with the best Fornite cosplay costumes. Gaming characters are one of the most favorite options to make the Halloween memorable for you all the more. If you want to try something that no one might have the thought to do so then the tomato head costume from the Fortnite universe is the best thing you can try out. This costume is not only one of the quirkiest costumes ever but it something that is instantly recognizable in any Halloween or fancy costume party. If you have always wondered how to leave a great impression every time you go out trick-o-treating then this is the costume you need this year. Wondering how you can get one for you own? Well, fret not and just visit us at halloweencostumeforkids.com and get the best fortnite costumes you can think of. Read on as in this post, I will be telling you some interesting facts about this character as well as the full details of the costume. So, let’s get started.


How to diy your fortnite Tomato Head Costume yourself

Tomato Head Costume

1    tomato head full mask                   a tomato mask with smile

2    purple  gloves                                Get a pair of purple gloves to wear.

3    red special delivery back bling       Put this backpack on your back

4    black shoes                                    wear a pair of black shoes

5    full costume                     tomato head costume is also available for kids


Tomato Head Costume: Leave Them Flabbergasted This Halloween!

Some Trivia About  Tomato Head:

Tomato Head costume is an Epic male skin that cae out first during Fortnite Season 4. This costume has a Green suit along with an Orange and White vest. Wearing a large tomato mask, you can also see a Pizza on the front of the shirt. This outfit also comes with the Special Delivery Back Bling.Official Description: Extra saucey.Tomato Head is part of the Pizza Pit Set that has a total of three cosmetic items. Aside from this outfit, also in the set is the Special Delivery Back Bling (Rare) and the Axeroni Pickaxe (Rare).The TomatoHead is the name of one of the epic outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Outfits change the appearance of the player, but do not have any added function or benefit except for aesthetical.

This is one of those skins that leaked a few days before actually hitting the game, but it's unsettling to see it all the same. Fortnite: Battle Royale just released the Tomato head skin into the game, letting players roleplay as the deranged mascot for longstanding pizza restaurant point of interest Tomato Town, located in northeast quadrant of the map. Tomato head's name really says it all: he's got a giant, red tomato where his head should be with a green theme throughout the rest of the body: check it out below.

Tomato head costs 1,500 V-Bucks. If you want to complete the set, it will cost you an extra 800 for a googly-eyed glider and another 800 for the axearoni pickaxe, which is shaped like a pizza slicer.

There is one big question surrounding this skin: namely, how will headshots work? Headshots are a pretty important part of combat in Fortnite, and being on the receiving end of one will take you down in a hurry. Using this skin would seem to dramatically increase the chances of that happening, for obvious reasons -- it's basically like wearing a bonus-sized target on your head. But it's unclear whether or not the big tomato effects hit detection, increasing the area for a headshot, or if it's aesthetic only. I'd assume aesthetic only, but that makes it harder for enemies to tell where your "real" head is. Either way, it's somewhat curious.

It's still a fun skin, however. I think what unsettles me the most about it is not the tomato itself -- though that's plenty strange -- but the fact that it's stuck on top of the muscular body of your average Fortnite model, complete with combat boots and battle-worn clothing. There's a distinctly serial killer vibe to the whole thing, both due to the pasted-on grin and the lethal capability implied by the rest of the outfit.

Tomato Head costume features a green suit with an orange vest costume with an iconic tomato mask. The entire costume features some pizza-like details including a Hawaiian pizza slice decal on the chest. The outfit is made complete with the added back bling called Special Delivery. As of Season 5 of the game, The Tomato head was updated with a new style that features a crown of crooked utensils and tattered suit. In order to repair the suit back to its original glory, the player must complete three challenges:

The Tomato head is one of the most famous outfits from the Fortnite universe that can be purchased from the Item Shop. It is one of the most unique characters in this entire gaming universe and it is surely one of the most popular ones. The costume is embellished with great graphics and it is one of the coolest ones to leave your guests awestruck. Also, it comes with a great looking mask and also some great props which make the whole deal even more appealing. If you are a true fan of the Fortnite gaming universe then this definitely for you. Also, another important fact is that the Tomato head’s real name is Uncle Pete. I bet a lot of people didn’t know that.

Now, if you really have plans to go for the best dressed individual in the Halloween party then the Tomato head costume can surely give you a great advantage. If the idea is being weird and quirky at the same time then this is perhaps the best choice for you. Also, this costume is undoubtedly one of the funniest looking costumes. So, if your party includes children then they will undoubtedly love the way you will appear. Now, below I am listing all the details of the costume you will get in our platform.

  • The costume is a body suit made of polyester which makes it very comfy on the skin and it’s perfect for all the day use.
  • The body suit has a zipper which makes it very easy to come in and out of the dress.
  • The costume also has some great embellishment and graphical designs which makes it even more appealing.
  • The costume comes in a variety of sizes; make sure to refer to the size chart to have the perfect costume for you.
  • It also comes with a horse prop which gives it an extra-edge.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our platform and get your Tomato Head Costume today! Place order today before the stock runs out.



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size chart

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