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merry marauder costume for adult and kids - fortnite

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Merry Marauder Fortnite Jumpsuit Costume

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Halloween is all about quirky costumes and weird outfits. Now, I can bet when it comes to being weird, very few costumes can come even close to the Merry Marauder costume. It’s quirky, fun and absolutely weird. No matter whatever the occasion is, this dress can always leave the guests awestruck. Such is the visual appeal of the costume. The Merry Marauder is a famous character from the gaming arcade called Fortnite. So, if you are looking for some comprehensive range of fortnite costumes then we at halloweencostumeforkids can surely cater to your specific needs. Read on as in this post I will be telling you the details of this costume so that you can have a safe and comfortable purchase.

Merry Marauder Costume – The Quirkiest Costume You Can Try This Halloween!

The Merry Marauder is an epic outfit for the Fortnite BR game and features a Christmas-themed appearance.

Can be bought from Cash Shop with 1,500 V-Bucks.The office description for this skin is "Sing a slaying song tonight."The Merry Marauder Outfit is a unique spin off the gingerbread man and is one of the more popular skins in Fortnite. An Epic Outfit, it features a Brown military suit with candy cane detailing. Hints of Green are seen on the arm band and bow-tie while Red lands on his shoes. The final addition is the angry gingerbread man face.Merry Marauder is dressed in a themed biscuit costume: sand-colored bottom and top, white cream shaving patterns, a green butterfly on the neck, white and red stripes of caramel and a mask with a displeased face. And when he runs, do not the crumbs fall from him?The Merry Marauder features a brown military suit with an angry gingerbread-man mask. The entire outfit is complemented with red and white decals for a complete Christmas holiday appearance.This skin was initially released around Christmas 2017, but it was added to the shop again in February 2018.

Now, you must have heard about the best costume contests happening in Halloween parties. If you have always wanted to take a shot at the title then this Fortnite costume is perhaps your best option. Maybe one of your friends is coming up as one of the Avengers or maybe some other superhero and they think, the title will inevitably be theirs. But if you want to give them a run for their money then this is the costume you want to choose. Also, in most cases, this contest is judged by the votes of the guests. So, it’s the guests that you would have to impress with the theatrics. You must remember that Fornite is definitely a very famous gaming arcade. So, you would surely find a lot of people who would root for you. Besides, the Merry Marauder is no less famous than any other Avengers, X-Men or any other superhero. Now, let’s look at the details that will help you get the right Merry Marauder jumpsuit for you.

How to diy your fortnite Merry Marauder Costume yourself

How to make Merry Marauder Costume from Fortnite

1Brown T-ShirtGet a brown shirt with Merry Marauder design.
2Brown PantsMatch up your top with a pair of brown pants.
3Brown Skin MaskWear a brown skin mask and use fabric paints to design his lips & eyes.
4Mask Option #2You can get this mask file 3d printed or on a paper to capture his creepy look
5Green Bow TieAttach a green bow tie to your shirt.
6Red & White ScarfUse this scarf as a sash.
7Red GlovesGet a pair of red gloves to wear.
8Brown BeltFasten your pants with a brown belt.
9Red BootsPair up your outfit with a pair of red boots.
10Shin GuardsHe uses silver shin guards for protection
11Multi-Purpose Color SetUse this set of colors to repaint your item as well as draw white patterns on your pants and shirt.
12Full costumeMerry Marauder costume is also available for kids

The Details Of The Costume!  

  • The costume is actually a jumpsuit which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear all day long during the party.
  • It has a zip system on the back so that you can easily get in and out of the costume without breaking a sweat.
  • The costume is made of polyester which makes it very comfortable on the skin and perfect for enjoying Halloween.
  • The suit also comes with the matching mask which completes the costume and much like its depiction in the Fornite gaming arcade, the mask is an angry face which will give you the edge.
  • The entire body suit is covered with various graphics design which is identical to what can be seen in the gaming arcade. From the belt to the designs on the body suit to the bottom wear designs, everything in place to give you the best possible look of the Merry Marauder.
  • It comes in various sizes and we also provide you a size chart. Please feel free to refer to it and get the perfect suit for yourself.


  • So what are you waiting for? Get this Merry Marauder suit for yourself today and claim that best dress prize in this year’s Halloween party. Order today, only limited stocks available.


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size chart

size chart

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