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Zorro costume with mask for kids

Zorro costume
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Variety adds spice to not just life but an event as well. When everybody else decided to present themselves as vampires and superhero characters possessing some supernatural power, you can present yourself as Zorro fighting the evils with his sword. Zorro might be a humble man who is neither blessed nor cursed with any extra supernatural power but his passion for fighting against the wrong has earned him a distinguished position in the heart of millions. You can dress your little one as Zorro and let him cast his charismatic spell around at the Halloween. When everyone is going weird and naughty around to justify the essence of Halloween season, the little Zorro will keep the evilness under a check. Zorro costume is gaining an impressive demand both from the kids and adults alike.  Let him feel the thrill for one night at least. If you so wish you two (father and son) both can enter the party dressed as Zorro.

How to diy your Zorro Costume yourself

Zorro Costume


  1. Spanish Hat
  2. Mustache Set
  3. Bandana and Eye Mask
  4. Renaissance Pirate Shirt
  5. Medieval Ring Belt
  6. Adult Gauntlets
  7. Leather Sword Frog
  8. Zorro Sword
  9. Zorro Adult Cape
  10. Black Vinyl Boot

Buying it from a virtual store will help you accessing best deals possible on such unique outfits sitting on your couch at home only. Not just the dress is important to achieve that Zorro look but other necessary accessories as well. Looking like Zorro would involve making some efforts to shop properly for creating a lasting impression.

Zorro costume for kids

At popular e-stores you can easily find suitable options on Zorro costumes for kids. From top to toe Zorro loves to dress in complete black so be prepared to know that no other color option is available. Each and every item included is in black color. The costume will include a black muscle chest jumpsuit that comes with a boot tops. This costume therefore will be easy for your little son to slip into without much hassle. The foam lined muscle chest will help your son look muscular and well-built even though he is quite skinny actually. The cape features a golden colored chain. The costume also includes a belt that bears Zorro insignia impression printed on it that help to add some glamour to this otherwise jet black costume. A huge black hat designed with Zorro insignia (Z) helps establishing the appearance further. The entire costume and the items included are made of 100% polyester that feels comfortable against the bare skin.

Eye Mask

An eye mask is absolutely important as Zorro does not like to reveal his image as the Messiah of ill-treated people who get mistreated by the feuds. Your little one cannot be the Zorro he so wishes without this eye mask.

Zorro without a sword in his hand!

Your son cannot be the dashing vigilante you desire him to be even if he put on every Zorro costume items being discussed so far. A Zorro is nothing without his Sword bearing stiletto styled long blade. His sharp and refined skills with his stiletto-styled blade sword make him almost inevitable and unrivalled. Your son does not need carrying a deadly weapon but to do justice to this legendary character look a silver colored plastic sword has to be purchased. The sword looks real and is designed attractively. You can spot a "Z" insignia imprinted on the hang guard. The manufacturer has taken this attractive-looking fake sword to a next level by installing an in-built speaker that produces a “swooshing” sound whenever it is flipped across.

Superheroes costumes for kids

A plethora of option is available on several superheroes costumes for kids but Zorro is recently gaining prominent attention. Even adults are showing inclination to try Zorro costume because of its alluring appearance all in black that does not look weird and funny. This superhero outfit gives a smart and exotic appearance that no other superhero costume can beat. Adult Zorro mask is best complemented with adult Zorro Bandana with mask that is made of 100% polyester so feel cozy to wear. The mask does not obstruct vision as it comes designed with stiffened and shaped eye mask portion. Now, be naughty, weird or even act stupid on Halloween nights as the mask will keep your identity properly concealed.

Zorro Black Deluxe Whip

To make the Zorro look more appealing and real you can always use this 6’ inches long braided black whip. An extra dose of exoticism and charm can be easily added with this accessory.

Whether you are dressing your son or you are considering this look for yourself this Halloween, just ensure you perfect the look.


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