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Ultraman costume with mask for kids

Ultraman costume for kids
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31st October is a special day for a large section of people across the world. Why shouldn’t it be? Halloween or Allhalloween is celebrated on this day, on the eve of All Hallow’s Day to ward of the ghosts, deadly inhuman creatures and all sorts of evil spirits. The celebrations include participating in divination games, bonfire lighting, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns style, playing scary pranks and trick-or-treating etc. The major attraction of Halloween celebration nowadays is undoubtedly attending the Halloween costume parties. People get the scope to dress and fashion their outer appearance according to the character they like. Recent trend is indicating to the fact that kids and young adults are showing interest in dressing like the Japanese super-powered fictional hero Ultraman. Online order for Ultraman costume for kids at popular e-stores, like halloweencostumeforkids.com, where similar such uniquely-tailored fictional character costumes are available.

Who is Ultraman?

Ultraman (ウルトラマン, Urutoraman) is a fictional superhero who debuted in the pilot episode to his 1966 TV series of the same name, entitled "The Birth of Ultraman". He is the first tokusatsu hero launched by the Ultra Series and by extension, Tsuburaya Productions.

The Ultraman Costume: Silver & Red Significance along with other highlights

Ultraman is a giant, humanoid alien making his way to our world from another planet Nebula M78. This planet is popularly referred to as "Land of the Light (Hikari no Kuni)". The red-striped, silver colored costume will never fail your kid earn quality complements as he makes his way to the party venue dressed as this Ultra alien. The silver headpiece with a mouth chiseled in is the most striking part of the entire getup.  The costume plays the pivotal role in such parties just like it does in cosplay events. Narita Tohl was the producer designer responsible for designing the Ultraman television series costume. Silver body with red lines was used to represent this "Space Age" hero. The silver color signified the "steel of an interstellar rocket" whereas the red accents supposedly depicted the "patterns on the surface of the planet of Mars."

The silver color implies the tech savvy aspects of this super-powered character. The design team judiciously selected the color for making Ultraman look quite heroic, fearless and also alien. The careful mix and matching of silver and red color evokes a robotic feel and it straightforwardly points to the superhuman abilities possessed by Ultraman. The bold red detailing spotted on the silver outfit is quite eye-catchy.

The costume tailored to replicate the appearance of the Ultraman cannot miss out on the U-shape sketched using a single bar. It is seen extending along the sternum. The back of the arms and around the elbow portion comes marked with red linings painted carefully. The silver red contrast surely offers a stunningly smart and hi-tech appearance to the character.

The Popularity of Ultraman costume

The highly popular fictional Superhero of Asia is undoubtedly Ultraman and it was the third top-selling licensed character across the globe in the 1980’s. At present also there seems to be no prominent declination in its mass-appeal and popularity. It has become a widely famous fictional character enjoying equivalent popularity that Superman enjoys in the US. Ultraman debuted in the 1966-1967 Ultraman Japanese television series and kept entertaining everybody in all its successfully aired 39 episodes. In the final episode it is seen Zetton shoots twice in the chest of the Ultraman for killing him and the epitome of bravery, hope and compassion dies. The fandom for the Ultra-Series, however, continues in many forms till today. The biggest proof is clearly felt when maximum parents opt for buying Ultraman costume for kids for hitting the Halloween costume parties, cosplay events and similar such occasions. Ultra-Series characters are now widely available in Japan as unique collectors’items in several hobby stores.

Let’s Rock the Halloween Party in Ultra Attire!

Kids show a strong inclination towards this superhero character and opt for dressing as Utraman to attend cosplay events and Halloween parties. Hitting the costume party for the kid dressed as the Ultraman would surely be quite dramatic. This superhero combating intergalactic dark creatures set the foundation for several action series, including Power Rangers.

The costumes showcased in the different ultra series also gained considerable popularity as the one of the most sought after cosplay outfit. An array of Ultraman Kids TV show and films are also there a myriad of different ultra series hitting the screen in different continuities if not in different canons. The huge success of the “Ultra” series made the foundation for an infinite number of successors and imitators and marked the starting point for global acceptance and success of Japanese content worldwide. The 6 Ultra Brothers steal the limelight on a global scare. It is the collective name used for addressing the legendary Ultra fictional characters fighting the monsters Tyrant, Gomora, Astromons, Dustpan, and Dorobon.

Peculiarities Pin-pointed

Your kid does not require looking 40 meters tall and weighing around 35,000 tons for fashioning himself as this Japanese superhero. As seen in the TV series and in films, Ulltraman features a skull with oval shaped eyes or Multi Prescensing Eye. His ears are also shaped in a peculiar fashion and his crest serves as a Space Navigate Deflector. The ears, eyes and the crest on the skull reflect appropriately his extra-terrestrial alien look. The silver toned skin of the Ulta heroes is built using solid Specium itself and it signifies their very special Ultra Armor that graces both their right and left hands. The two specially created glands namely Specium Energy Minus Gland and Specium Energy Plus Gland are necessary for firing the Specium Ray.

The Dominance of the Iconic Dorsal Fin Seen on Ultraman 80 Only!

The Ultraman costume features an array of different components and variations. The iconic fin noticed on the Ultraman run extending from his mouth to the uppermost portion of his head. The fin features a dorsal fin like extension. This unique design element is incorporated for reinforcing the character’s interstellar origins. The dorsal fin is possessed by Ultraman 80 only.

The “Color Timer” cannot be missed out except for Ultra Seven

Ultraman has to keep combating the super terrestrial evils trying to destroy the earth but not for a continuously stretched period. Ultraman has a “color timer” planted on his chest serving as a warning light by changing color the moment he starts losing power in the battle. No Ultraman costume can ever look and feel even an inch closer to the one shown on TV series and films if this part is overlooked. The timer is an essential costume part of the total Ultraman get up. The costume usually comes designed with a bluish green colored motif in a circled pattern to resemble the color timer. The Ultraman costume for kids you will find at any reputed online shopping portal typically comes dyed with the “color timer” design on the suit.

Please note that if you are trying to dress your kid specifically keeping Ultra Seven in mind, then the costume will not feature a “color timer” because this particular Ultraman character does not possess one as he was not meant to make his way to the Earth for combating the monsters.

DIY Color Timer

A circular brooch with a blue green colored stone can also do the trick if you are trying to fashion yourself entirely on your own, using the stuff available at home. Use an adhesive that is meant to fix a metal to fabric to ensure it does not come off that easily.

The Mask or Headpiece

The Ultraman Cosplay mask plays a crucial role in establishing the look of the character. The mask looks really weird and quite quirky. The detailing is done beautifully, helping it to resemble the original headpiece we are so used to watch on television series, films and video games. The eyes, nose, and overly-sculpted cheek of Ultraman is beautifully portrayed via fine detailing. The mask or headpiece features mesh eye coverings so that no discomfort is ever faced and experienced in vision ever. The oval-shaped eyes are fashioned in bright silver shine depicting the high-energy level of the Ultraman so the party attendees should be aware of this shine as this would not be the right time to mess with the Ultra kid at the party! A pair of rectangle-shaped ears further adds to the weird and alien appearance of the headpiece. The mask also bears a small crest on the head that facilitates completing the look.

DIY Ultra Headpiece

It would definitely be interesting for the readers to get some idea on how the peculiar Ultra-styled headpiece can be made. Take a triangular-shaped cardboard fin and with the help of duct tape attach this at the top of a plastic helmet. The helmet does not have to be an expensive one but a huge one will help replicating the Ultraman skull more closely. It should be able cover as much of one’s head as possible. Tear the pages of an old newspaper and dip the torn pieces of paper in a mixture using flour and water. You can also use a good quality adhesive for sticking the pieces to the helmet. Apply papier-mache to the helmet. Dip pieces of torn newspaper in a paste/water or flour/water mixture and stick the pieces to the helmet. In brief, you need covering the outer helmet portion with paper pieces with three to four layers add about three to four layers and let them dry. Now, use silver spray paint to dye the helmet and fin for achieving that silver skinned peculiarly framed skull look. Use silver face paint (be careful about the quality as the facial skin of kids is always extremely sensitive) and pair it with white goggles to complete the look. It is one of the simple and straightforward ways to make the Ultra superhero headpiece at home.

The Gloves

The silver gloves portray a metallic look to the costume on an overall basis. It might or might not come with bold red accents. Sometimes the gloves are available as separate items in the costume package set. At some e-stores it is also available attached to the one-piece jumpsuit or bodysuit. The silver metallic boots are available separately or might come sewn attached to the costume itself. The uppermost edges of the boot must come dyed in bold red color. The outfit might come dyed in red color around the bikini portion or you can wear a red biking short over the bodysuit.

What you need to know about its design pattern unique to certain Ultra characters?

The original Ultraman's design underlines the main design pattern that is features the designs of almost all other Ultra characters. Irrespective of the fact which specific Ultra character your kid wishes to opt for, like

  • Ultraman Jack
  • Ultraman Ace
  • Zoffy
  • Ultraman 80
  • Ultraman Tiga
  • Ultraman Dyna
  • Ultraman Gaia

The multiple iterations of this superhero franchise have witnessed not just different story elements and cast but also a diverse range of different costumes. The costumes became the very identity of this biggest hero of all time in Asia—the Ultraman. Keeping the iconic heritage intact, every new series has featured its own distinct identity where even the costume style underwent significant alterations and development.

Understand the Variations and Note the Exceptions

The same legendary design pattern marks the design base for creating latest Ultra characters. For dressing as per the Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Zero character style, it would be mandatory to select a costume featuring the Color Timer print. A new version of the Color Timer is widely seen adding more glamour to the Ultraman superheroes designed under the Ultra N Project. Prominent alterations are equally spotted in a few version of Ultraman, for example Ultraman the Next featuring a insectoid look.

Though bold red accents have always featured the design of almost all the previous Ultra superhero characters, Ultraman Noa is seen hitting the screen with an entirely silver toned body. Therefore, if someone is trying to present themselves in the cosplay party exactly like Ultra Noa, he has to search for Ultraman outfit with no red streaks painted.

Summing up

The ultra series produced by Tsuburaya Productions featuring Ultraman as the titular character had sensitized the imagination of millions. If your kid also is a die-hard fan of this greatest Japanese fictional superhero of all time then missing out the scope to don the Ultra look will be quite regrettable.



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