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Woody cosplay costume for kids- Toy Story

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It cannot be denied that Pixar's Toy Story released in the year 1995, and yet it has captured the hearts of both kids and adults. The movie was so popular that the franchise decided to go with 3 more sequels. The final movie was Toy Story 4. If you have loved the characters of the movie, then we have got the toy story costume for your kids. Get your kids ready to go on the next adventure. We love Toy Story as much as you do and this is exactly why we are bringing the fun to you. Check out this brand new toy story costume so that your kids can dress up as your favourite character just like Andy did with Woody.

How to diy your Woody Costume yourself

Woody Costume



  1. Toy Story Woody Sheriff Vest
  2. Toy Story Woody Hat
  3. Toy Story Woody Cowboy Costume Shirt
  4. Western Cowboy Steer Bull Belt Buckle
  5. Forum Deluxe Costume Cowboy Spurs
  6. Realistic Rubber Fake Snake
  7. Paisley Bandana Scarf
  8. Men's Smoky Mountain Denver Boot
  9. Wild Western Sheriff Badge
  10. Single Gun Holster & Belt

Speaking of the toy story costume product details, the dress is made up of 100% polyester with brushed knit flannel and interlock knit. The flannel shirt portion of the suit also interlocks pants and front snaps. The shirt that comes along with sheriff woody costume is also printed to look like a yellow plaid shirt with a red scarf and cowhide vest. The pants are printed to look like blue denim along with belt and holster. There is also a Polyfoam cowboy hat that comes with ribbon overcast stitching on the brim, flannel booties that have printed spurs and cactus.

Dress up your little partner like Woody from Toy Story in the soft infant costume. Once he dresses up in this sheriff woody costume, your little guy will be absolutely ready for Halloween. Also, you can make sure to get him a friend that will wear the infant Buzz light-year costume. Or you can dress up as Buzz yourself, better yet; the entire family can dress up as characters from Woody's gang of toys and other round-up pals.

We understand that it is not an easy task to get your child to be the representation of one of the most iconic and loved animated characters. Within seconds, your son will look like he is ready to save his house from a toy attack or his own town from a dangerous explosion. In either way, he will look and fit the part in sheriff woody costume, but do not be surprised if the first words are "shoot for the stars".

You can rest assured that your child will be the favourite deputy while wearing the toy story costume. The toy story costume has been manufactured with 100% polyester that is brushed with knit flannel and interlock knit fabrics. The flannel shirt portion of suit and interlock pants have front snaps, while the shirt has been printed to look like a yellow plaid shirt along with a red scarf and cowhide vest. The attached pants have been printed in a way that they bring out the originality of the character. The adorable flannel booties also have printed spur and cacti designs. There is also a Polyfoam cowboy hat in this sheriff woody costume along with ribbon overcast stitching on the brim that completes the costume design.

Undoubtedly, this sheriff woody costume is one of the best ways to bring your kid's imagination to life. Your little one will love the Toy Story Costume. For those who are not aware of the Woody character, he is a lovable leader of a bunch of toys that come to life when their owner Andy leaves the room. The sheriff woody costume includes a printed jumpsuit along with a cowboy hat. But for those who are confused, it does not come with boots or undershirt.

If you are looking for toy story costume ideas for your kids, then we have got the best collection for you. Starting from funny costumes to scary ones, we have got it all. With numerous Halloween costumes for kids, we are sure that you are going to find the perfect disguise for your little monster. With a wide range of kid's costumes to choose from, you will get just the thing that you are looking for. Let's say howdy to the little Woody in the toy story costume!


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