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toddler girls Owlette costume - pj masks

toddler girls Owlette costume - pj masks
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Every girl loves to be like Owlette. Owlette is the only female character of PJ Masks. She has exceptional planning skills. She is quick in making decisions and sometimes impatient as well. Like all PJ Masks, she also has unique powers. She is inspired by birds, especially owls. Therefore, she also possesses powers that resemble owls. She is the only PJ Masks who can fly with the help of wings. See also has a good vision and can see in the night-time as well. She is the sweetest character of the three. Therefore, little girls love to be like Owlette. If you want to make your girl happy on Halloween or birthday, then an Owlette costume would be excellent. Your girl would love to wear the toddler Owlette costume.

Halloweencostumeforkids has designed a toddler Owlette costume that you can get for your girl. We have made an excellent costume that will help your girl to look like Owlette. Let’s look at some features of our toddler Owlette costume.

Features of Toddler Owlette Costume

Color of the Costume

Amaya likes red and pink because she wears a red and pink dress in her normal routine during the day. She also wears red cat-eye glasses. Therefore, it is clear that she likes red. Her night-time hero outfit is also red and pink. Most of her dress is red. Almost everything is read from top to bottom except the front part of the wings, shoes, and the Owlette symbol. These three things are pink while the rest of the outfit is red. Our toddler Owlette costume also has the same red and pink color. We have tried to maintain a similar color contrast in our Owlette’s outfit.

This red and pink combination will give a perfect look to your girl. She will love the costume because of its fascinating color. Further, the costume will also be in the eyes of people.

Pattern on the Costume

There is a pattern on Owlette's outfit. This pattern is not visible like Gekko’s, but it is there. If you have a close look at the outfit, then you will see the pattern. Amaya loves owls, so her outfit also has the same pattern as the owl’s body. The pattern is all over the outfit. Although it is hard to notice, we have noticed all the features like this.

Our Owlette outfit also has the same pattern. The pattern is on the whole body from the shoulders to toe. It is also on the mask. This pattern is not on the wings, shoes, and Owlette symbol. Other than these things, the pattern is everywhere.

Owlette Symbol

Owlette’s symbol is her identity. Without this symbol, the outfit is incomplete. The symbol is light pink. It is present in the center of the chest. The symbol is related to owls, which shows the love of Owlette from owls. It looks like an owl; the eyes, wings, and everything resembles it. Our toddler Owlette costume also has the same symbol in the middle of the chest. It is pink and shines due to the reflection of light. The shine of the symbol attracts the viewers.


Wings are a unique part of the Owlette outfit. No one in the PJ Masks can fly except Owlette. She has these wings like an owl that help her to fly. She can also shoot energy feathers from these owl wings. Moreover, she can also use these wings as a shield. Wings are the part of the outfit that are different in color. The front part of the wings is pink, while the rear part is red. The wings have a feather pattern as there are a few long feathers in the wing.

We have made this design in our toddler Owlette costume. It has the same pink color with red borders. The wings have a triangular design, which shows there are multiple feathers. The ends of the wings are attached to the hands so that the wings can open if the toddler spreads the hands. The back of the wings is simple. It is completely red and shiny. It offers a great look from the back as well.


The mask of Owlette is red in color, with small patterns on it. It has the same eyebrows as an owl. These eyebrows are long and give the look of an owl.

The mask that comes with our costume has the same color and long eyebrows. The eyebrows look amazing. There are two openings for the eyes. The mask does not cover the area from the nose to the chin. Therefore, your girl can breathe without any problem. There is the same pattern on the mask as well. It is on the whole mask except on eyebrows.

Type of Costume

Owlette’s outfit is a jumpsuit, and we have considered this fashion. Our toddler Owlette costume is also a jumpsuit. Your girl can wear it with comfort. You don’t need to purchase Owlette’s shoes and gloves, as the jumpsuit has everything. It will fit perfectly, and any toddler can wear it.


At Halloweencostumeforkids, we never compromise on the quality. The costume is made of polyester and cotton. It is perfect for children. There won’t be any irritation or allergy. Our toddler Owlette costume is safe for children. The fabric is breathable, so there won’t be much sweating. Your toddler can wear it the whole day.


Our toddler Owlette costume is available in three different sizes. To get the perfect size for your girl, you need her height in centimeters. The sizes are Small, Medium, and Large. You can pick the right size according to the height of your girl.

  • Small (S) – 100cm to 110cm
  • Medium (M) – 110cm to 120cm
  • Large (L) –120cm to 130cm

Final Words

Owlette costume is one of the favorite costumes of girls. It is excellent for a birthday present or Halloween dress. We have made the toddler Owlette costume that looks like the Owlette’s outfit. We make comfortable dresses so that your girl can wear it easily. The costume is affordable, and you don’t need to purchase anything else. This is a perfect costume for girls.

So, get the toddler Owlette costume today and make your girl happy.


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