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Salvador Dali LA CASA De Papel Costume - Money Heist

Salvador Dali Cosplay Costume
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Well, it cannot be denied that Salvador Dali was one of the most remarkable painters in the history of modern painting. With a career span of more than 60 years, Salvador Dali was one of the most influential persons in the world. He created an extraordinary and astonishing legacy that not only included his most popular surrealist paintings, but it also comprised of sculpture, photography and film. Now that we have been speaking about the Salvador Dali costume, it is important to know certain facts about the character so that you can get the best money heist costume.

Being an eccentric figure right from childhood, Dali was always in favor of pushing boundaries. In both his personal and professional life, Salvador Dali opted to create something extraordinary and that would be out of the box as well. He was a hustler and a master of self-promotion. Choosing the right Salvador Dali costume is not really an easy task. But it becomes easy to get the right money heist costume if you are aware of certain facts about the person himself.

How to diy your money heist Costume yourself

money heist Costume



  1. Salvador Dali Mask
  2. Repeater Pistol
  3. Zip-Front Cotton Coveralls
  4. Gun Holster
  5. Combat Boots Black

Did you know that Salvador Dali was only 6 years when he did his first painting? Yes, that is absolutely true. That was the kind of talent that he had in himself. The painting was known as Landscape of Figueres. Now, if you have to get the La Casa Del Papel costume, it is important that you actually know the character to portray him. We have got the premium quality Salvador Dali costume that will make you look like an absolute lookalike of Dali. Apart from that, we bet most of you are already aware of the new Netflix web series known Money heist. The money heist costume can be a good inspiration if you are looking for something unusual this Halloween.

One of the remarkable facts about Salvador Dali is, he was not really a great student. We know that this information is not very important to get the best money heist costume. But it says something about the character. You would definitely want to impress the audience with your Salvador Dali costume, isn’t it? So, in case you get yourself involved in some stupid act while wearing the La Casa Del Papel costume, you won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed. A very interesting fact about Salvador Dali is, he has worked with Walt Disney. This is exactly why, if you want something customized with the Money Heist costume or the La Casa Del Papel costume, you can choose to add some Disney flavor to it.

Doing it in an unconventional way was the convention for Salvador Dali. And this is exactly why if you have been looking for some unconventional costumes this Halloween, then the best option is to choose the Salvador Dali costume. Did you know that he had an unconventional marriage too? Now that being said, you can have a look at the collection of our latest Salvador Dali costume or the money heist costume.


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