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Plush Rex Costume for kids - Fortnite

Plush Rex Costume for kids - Fortnite
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    Tyrannosaurus Rex is known as the King of the Dinosaur, and dressing your son in this fashion will not go unnoticed in this Halloween season. Rex is one of the magnificent carnivorous dinosaurs that ever walked on the soil of this planet. How would you feel if your little one roams around the in the neighborhood dressed in Plush Rex Costume for Kids? Surely it will help him earn tasty treats from the neighbors as none would dare to be chased by this massive man-eating dinosaur! It is not that easy to avail of this costume that easily from just any garment retail outlet. It is always best to check some reputed online shopping portals where such uniquely tailored and offbeat designed outfits are available. www.halloweencostumeforkids.com is one such most popular online store where you can get Plush Rex Costumes for children at a highly competitive price value.

    The Rex Outfit is a Legendary Skin that first came out in the Fortnite Item Shop during Season 3. The character is dressed up in a Green dinosaur outfit with Orange on the bandana and horns. This costume resembles that of Reptar from Rugrats as well as Boo from Monsters Inc. After purchasing this skin, it comes with the Scaly Back Bling.Official Description: Hunting the competition to extinction.The Rex outfit is a costume of a green dinosaur with orange bandana and details. The skin is a reference to Reptar, and to Boo from Monsters Inc, but looks more similar to Rex from Toy Story.The Rex Outfit belongs to the Dino Guard set, but purchasing it comes with the Legendary Scaly Back Bling. Other Back Blings can also be paired with this costume.

    In this article, we will be providing the readers with a detailed description of the costume and post an image as well. This information will help potential buyers make a quality purchasing decision.

    Plush Rex Halloween Outfit details

    The Plush Rex Halloween outfit package contains a full-sleeve shirt, a sleeveless pullover jacket and trousers, a belt, a scarf, a pair of leg pads, and a small purse-like bag attached with the belt around the waist. Along with all these items, comes the dinosaur headpiece as well. The entire costume is made using a polyester fabric, and it feels soothing against the skin. Even if your son keeps wearing it for hours and he has the habit of sweating profusely, it will be comfortable to wear for a long duration. Polyester dress fabric ensures it fits well as it is very stretchy and thus can complement the body shape properly.

    The headpiece looks like the face of a dinosaur, showing all his razor-sharp sparkling teeth aggressively. The nose and the sharp spikes featuring the head and running down the spine of the outfit are dyed in bright orange color. The muffler or the scarf that is to be wrapped around the neck is also orange.

    The skin-tight body-hugging shirt bears eye-catchy spike designs in black and orange color, along the side of both the arms. It is further beautified with the pullover sleeveless top or jacket with patterns made in both light and dark green colors. A small pocket is stitched on the frontal portion of the shirt (a bit down towards the belly portion). The belt wrapped around the waist and the attached purse is dark brown. Plush Rex Fortnite cosplay costume looks visually attractive in different green color shades.

    The trouser is available in deep sea-green color. The right half of the trouser bears two strips designed horizontally, in the upper leg region. The other half (the left portion) features a patchwork made in dark green color fabric. In both the legs, the brow colored brown pads cover the area from just beneath the knee till the ankle portion. A size chart is always there to help the potential buyers buy according to the size of the child.

    This Halloween, let your kid enjoy a competitive edge wearing this unique costume!



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