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omega costume for kids and adult - fortnite

size chart            height       chest       Sleeve

120CM                107           66              50

130CM                116            70             52.5

140CM                125            74             55

150CM                134            78             57.5

omega fortnite cosplay costume for boys

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Have you heard of Omega fortnite costume for boys? This type of suit is black and ready to show off the new selection of official Fortnite outfits as well as accessories. You can bring your favorite Fortnite characters to life for this Halloween party and every day after. Before you embark on your exciting journey and buy your favorite costume in this Halloween party, look no other than Halloweencostumeforkids.com. Here, you will find all types of dresses for all ages as per your choice. 

The Omega costume is a Legendary Skin that was available via the Battle Pass in Season 4. Playing off the Superheroes and Villains theme, Omega represents the villain side. Just like out of a comic book, Omega costume features a Black skin  with Red detailing which also lands on the eyes. Once fully unlocked, you can alter the shades. To fully unlock, you had to complete the “Omega Challenges”. Also available is the Superhero Carbide Outfit.Official Description: There can be only one.Omega is a skin in Fortnite Battle Royale – a Tier 100 skin from Season 4 Battle Pass. This Omega costume is progressive, so each time you unlock a new stage in it, new pieces and accents are revealed to build up an awesome costume for your character! Like many of the other skins available in Fortnite, Omega costume provides a whole new look and gives off a mysterious, slick character appearance throughout the game.The Dark Voyager is among the space-themed outfit for the game. This Omega costume features a dark space suit with glowing orange stripes and a closed pitch-black space helmet. Although getting the costume does not automatically gives the Dark matter backpack back bling, it is the outfit that the Dark Matter backpack is designed for and goes exceedingly well with it.

How to diy your fortnite omega costume yourself

fortnite omage costume

  1. Metallic Bodysuit
  2. Motorcycle Jacket
  3. Shin Guard
  4. Omega Mask
  5. Outdoor Gloves
  6. Toy Scar
  7. Combat Boots



The Omega costume comes with a black-and-silver helmet with red light-up eyes which can be achieved by Level 55 of Season 4. The helmet is worn over a black face mask.

You can either purchase a costume helmet online from a retail website or costume shop, or you can use a motorcycle helmet and paint it to resemble the Omega skin helmet yourself.

For the light-up eyes, which are usually depicted as an orange color, you can attach a clip-on LED light to the inside of your helmet. Check retail websites for this detail. Wear a black ski mask under the helmet.


Omega’s outfit consists of a black bodysuit with plates of chest, arm and leg armor adorning it. These armor plates are accented with strips of colored lights in the game and can be achieved for the character wearing the skin at various levels.

For the armor plates, you can use a motorcycle armor jacket or you can use craft supplies like foam and plastic to make your own.


Omega has thick boots and matching black gloves.

For an extra accessory for your Omega costume, purchase a toy rifle weapon similar to the weapons which your character uses in the game. You can use any gray-colored rifle-shaped toy weapon, or use craft supplies to make your own.

If you’re a huge Fortnite fan or video game buff, now’s your chance to step into Battle Royale yourself with an Omega costume of your own!

Fortnite Omega costume for boys

You probably know about the Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale. Your favorite character is pretty much the same, but you have the option to dress in a variety of cool skins that completely change your appearance. Omega falls in the legendary category of rarity. It is a part of the Omega set. Unlike the basic surfaces, Omega is also called as Progressive, which means you can gain details as well as features as you meet specific criteria in the game. You can customize your accent lights with this Omega Fortnite costume for boys. If you like to gift a cute Halloween costume to your child, this can be a perfect choice. 


Omega Fortnite outfit for the kid


Are you ready to send your kid to the next battle? Yes, we are talking about Halloween party this year. You can gift your child the Fortnite Omega costume for kid. Be ready to battle. This is the best costume made for this Halloween party. Your kids will surely love it. It includes a jumpsuit and mask, which is made of 100 percent polyester. You can get in three different sizes, medium, large, and extra-large. The medium size is 8-10, the large size is 10-12, and the extra-large size is 14-16. Boots are not included with the costume. If you want to buy it, you need to buy it separately. 

Omega Fortnite cosplay


The Omega Fortnite costume will make your character look like a villain. If you want to have a villain type look, then this cosplay could be your choice. This villain like look came straight from a super-hero comic book. This cosplay is made that featured a pitch-black skin suit with high-quality red-orange marks. The cosplay also comes with patterns all over the body. It is an officially licensed Omega Fortnite cosplay for kids and boys. The best thing is you can wash it easily. You can hand wash it with cold water but should not bleach. You can lay flat to dry but do not iron. 


So there you have it! You can buy high-quality Omega Fortnite costume for boys and kids at affordable prices here at Halloweencostumeforkids.com. Now that you have an excellent idea of what Fortnite costume or cosplay we are telling you to buy for your next Halloween party. It is an ideal time for you to go into your locker and decide what costume you are about to rocking. This Halloween day will remain green in your memory. 


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size chart

size chart