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minions costume and goggles with hat halloween costumes

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Now it is the turn of the super animated children's most popular characters of the Cinema of the moment, The Minions. These yellow multicellular beings overflow with joy, and Mamas love the decoration of the Yellow and Blue Children's Party, which is not limited to Boys.

And choosing the perfect Toddler Party Dress for your Girl!

Planning one for this anniversary spends time, money, family planning, to hit the spot and all the decor that will involve on the chosen theme.

It takes a lot of attention when buying the party dress for the child because the children's dress needs to be light and comfortable so that the Girl can play and share the most joyful and infectious moments of her birthday.


How to diy your minions Costume yourself

minions Costume


  1. Stone Washed Bib Overalls
  2. Black Chenille Stems
  3. Neff Daily Beanie
  4. Yellow Liquid Face Paint
  5. Costume Goggles Prop
  6. Banana Stress Toy
  7. Yellow Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  8. Black Wool Liner Gloves
  9. Vans Classic Slip-On Shoe


Children's Birthday Party Dress for Yellow Minions

The minions costume enhances the beauty and finesse with a stylish, modern look for Your Little One's Feast of Dreams! The Yellow Party Dress Model is perfect for the theme and decoration of the Minions Birthday Party, exploring the magical world at this special time and making a beautiful party in the colors yellow and blue for your daughter.

The minion goggles, minion hat and minion Halloween are delicate and sophisticated made especially for your Princess's Children's Party in celebration of the birthday planned by the family.

It comes with a beautiful satin blue waistband and lace on the back to better fit the dress to the child's waist, keeping her comfortable and well dressed in this beautiful and wonderful party look of the Minions Kids Theme. Inspire yourself in the different types of Minions Yellow and Blue decorations to plan the Birthday of the little, as this theme of children's party never goes out of style.

The cute Halloween costumes for groups, ideal to celebrate any costume party or patron festival with all your group of friends are lately very fashionable among our customers. These characters of enormous social significance have become a real phenomenon. We have a series of curious facts about these yellow characters that you probably did not know and they will help you to meet these fun yellow super popular little dolls. The faithful servants of Gru only have 3 fingers. There are originally 2 colors of Minion, the yellow are the good ones and the purple ones are the evil ones if you look at a spectrum of color, it happens that one is on the opposite side of the other

Now that you know a little more closely these followers of the evil Gru, you are ready to transform into these tricky characters of innocent nature. Minion costumes for the whole family, we have minion suits for adults in women and men versions and Minion children's sizes for boys and girls.


We are going to show a series of curiosities about these little yellow creatures in love with the plane trees that so much triumph in our catalog. We also have minions designer evening gowns on sale for the whole family, to go the same adults and children. Do you know the names of the three main characters of the minions?


Minion Bob: is the smallest and most adorable of all the characters. He loves to go anywhere with his bear Tim.

Minion Stuart: he is the most ebullient of all, he loves bananas. It is characterized by being the only one to have only one eye.

Minion Kevin: is the leader of all the minions. It is characterized but be the tallest and bravest of the group.


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