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jessie cosplay costume - toy story

jessie cosplay costume - toy story
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It is not necessary that we would dress uniquely the way we please only for hitting a Halloween party. We can bring forth our deepest desire to dress as per our favorite character or in any weird form we wish for attending any themed dress events and cosplay occasions. Though there is a pool of options available on unique Halloween outfits that are flooding the market but not all enjoy the same kind of demand. One such highly trending and the fashionable weird outfit is the Jessie Costume from the Toy Story. The styling and a peculiar combination of bright colors on a white background, giving this costume from the Toy Story a competitive edge. The cowgirl styled Jessie outfit looks eye-catchy and unique. 

How to diy your Jessie Costume yourself

Jessie Costume


  1. Jessie Costume
  2. Yellow Hair Bow
  3. Yellow Felt Sheets
  4. Brown Leather Spur Straps
  5. White Button Down Shirt
  6. White Buttons with Gold Trim
  7. Red Sequin String
  8. Brown Cowgirl Boots
  9. Levi's Modern Bootcut Jeans


Why is Jessie Cosplay costume in demand? 

Toy Story is a 1995 American animated comedy movie by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. It took less time to become popular among the kids and younger adults. One of the leading and most loved characters of this favorite animated film is the rough-and-tough yodeling cowgirl. Dressing up your little angel as Jessie would surely be an impressive idea. When almost everybody else is obsessed with Disney Princesses, why don’t you dare to be different and stand out in the crowd? This time fashion your daughter as this highly optimistic, lively cowgirl to rock any themed dress event or cosplay parties. It looks funny, a bit weird yet stunningly vibrant with its judicious mixing of different bright colours. 

The costume description and its plus points detailed 

The costume package includes a Jessie jumpsuit and a bright red-colored bucket hat. The entire costume is made using 100% polyester fabric, and the cap is of foam. The jumpsuit comes designed in a way that exactly resembles the design pattern of the movie-inspired Jessie suit. The Jessie suit features a hook and loop fastener on the back so it would never be difficult to get your restless daughter inside it. It is easy to put on and take out. Attachable yellow cuffs and collars are available along to complete the overall appearance. 

Fabric buckle design is printed at the waist portion. The red foam bucket hat has a circumference of around 21-inches. It is an officially licensed costume, so its authenticity in imitating the movie-inspired look most closely is not questionable. It looks funny, attractive, trendy, and vibrant.

What sets us apart from our competitors? 

At halloweencostumeforkids.com, we are also offering along with a cute side bag imprinted with the image of Jessie from the Toy Story Disney film. The sling bag looks very stylish, and the black dots all through the handle straps make it look attractive further. Your daughter would look quite fashionable and smart when she carries around this lovely sling bag in her cutie cowgirl look.

 At other websites, the sling bag is not provided along. Buyers require making a special order for such add-ons elsewhere. We use polyester fabric to help your little one feel comfortable all through the party. The fabric also complements the figure of the child appropriately due to its moderate elasticity. We offer brown Cowgirl Boots that help to fulfill the appearance.   



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