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Win 10000 dollar halloween activities

activities  date:2019.06.01-2019.10.15

The first prize:get  the 10000usd.(only 1 winner)

The second prize

The third prize




1. All participants need to send Halloween-themed photos or videos to our mailbox (the photos or videos of the contest need to be original, and there is no copyright dispute)

2. All entries need to be posted on more than two of their social accounts to invite friends or family to give compliments. (The content needs to include: Friends, help me get a compliment message to win $10,000 Halloween products.) Http:***)

3. All participants need to submit their social accounts for our supervision. If they find that they do not meet the requirements of the competition, they will be disqualified.


Winning Rules:

Photos or videos with the most comments and comments won the first prize of $10,000

Thirty second-class prizes were awarded for photos or videos in the first 30 days of comment and comment (300 US dollars for shopping cards, per consumption deduction)

Comments and comments on the first 300 photos or videos won 300 third-class awards (one free Halloween dress less than 40usd)

Participation prize, each participant can get a 5 dollar discount.


Award-winning calculation method:

Each point counts for one point, and each comment counts for five points (the same person counts for one repeated comment). Buying products in our store can get 500 extra points of baseline


All excellent entries will be posted to our social account. Welcome to supervise.


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