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spider woman gwen stacy costume cosplay - spider-verse

Gwen Ghost Costume spider-man cosplay - spider-verse
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    For many folks, ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ was the first they ever saw of Ghost-Spider, as known as Spider-Woman or Spider Gwen or Gwen Stacy of Earth-65. It is instead of Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive power to become Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy gets bit and gains superpowers to become Spider-Woman. What a twist, right?

    A lot more exciting alterations took place in reality, including the costume design. Instead of the traditional red and blue spidey-suit, Gwen spider verse costume has a much different and original look. So the first thing that you are likely to notice about Spider Gwen is her immediately memorable costume. Superhero Gwen costume is primarily black and white with accents of purple and pink on the arms and the inside of her hood. Yeah, that’s right! She has a hood.

    How to diy your Spider Gwen Costume yourself

    Spider Gwen Costume


    1. Marvel Spider-Gwen Jacket and Mask
    2. Superhero Costume Gloves
    3. Women’s Seamless Spandex Leggings
    4. Toe Ballet Flat Slip On
    5. Spider-Man Web Shooters

    spider woman gwen stacy cosplay costume detail

    Spider-gwen costume jumpsuit with detachable hood, gloves, and eye mask

    To make up for a lack of Spider-Man's iconic web pattern, they determined that the costume would be made of stark contrasts, electric pops of purple and neon blue on an expanse of flat black and white. And in the negative space of that black and white is Gwen's spider emblem.

    Crafted from lycra spandex fabrics, material has super stretch for a snug fit. Reinforced seams & stitches, delicate sewing craft ensure your excellent cosplay experience.
    Design is printed with our high-grade sub dye printer for vibrant colors. Colors will not fade from wear/washing. Sublimation printing for clear and eye popping colors. Cleaning - Suggest handwashing and air drying for best results.100% Brand New.100% Quality Guarantee.Wear-resistance.Invisible vertical zipper that runs along the back of the suit.

    Marvel Spiderman short sleeve hooded cosplay shirt with matching leggings
    Artwork on shirt features hood with embroidered spiderman eyes; Screenprint art around the sides of shirt; Mesh ruffled bottom with glitter; Artwork on leggings feature pink Spiderman web design around the calf
    Comfortable hood lining; Elastic waist for a better fit

    100% Spandex, Material: 100% high spandex material.Crafted from lycra spandex fabrics, material has super stretch for a snug fit.
    Reinforced seams & stitches, delicate sewing craft ensure your excellent cosplay experience.The superhero cosplay costumes make you be vivid as the characters,The 3D visual effect is realistic.Finest Detail Fabric Printing : Vibrant & Last Long Color. Colors will not fade after washing.Feature:Zipper in the back runs from waist to neck,Jumpsuit covers the entire body from neck to toe.

    1.Fabric: This Spider Costume is made of spandex.
    2.Style: Fullbody suit with Spider lenses, the mask is undetachable for adults size, detachable mask for kids size.
    3.Tightness: Using Good Elastic Spandex fabric, this suit cover the body well,very comfortable.
    4.Breathability: Good breathability, breath freely.
    5.Permanent color. Never Fade.
    6.Conceal back zipper.
    7.Available for machine washing .soft handwashing is suggested.

    Gwen is a more unassuming girl, but when she puts on her Ghost Spider costume she turns into one of the most deadly superheroes in the Marvel universe!


    How to Dress Like Spider-Gwen from Into the Spider-verse

    DIY Mask:

    Spider-Gwen wears a white mask with pink outlines on the eyes. You can get this online or make your own. The mask is breathable so that you can wear it for a long time period.

    To make one, you will need a white lycra mask, an electric pink marker, scissors, and construction paper.

    • Put on the white lycra mask, and then put a construction paper on top of your eye.
      • Draw on the construction paper around your eye area to create almond shaped eyes using a pencil. Start from your nose, then bridge next to your inner eye corner, across your brow-bone, and to your temples. Put the marker again on the inner eye corners – the spot that you have made before, and trace below your under-eye area curving to meet your temples with the previous line.
      • Take the paper off your face, and cut the shape out with some scissors.
      • Place it on both the eyes, flipped literally, on top of your mask to see if you like the shape.
      • Lay down the shape on one of your eyes, and use an electric pink marker to trace it. If your marker bleeds and spreads, then this can be a part of the effect. Flip over the shape literally and repeat the same on the other eye.

      There you have your Spider-Gwen mask!



      Gwen’s spidey-suit is unique. The spider-hoodie is the main part of the suit that makes it Spider-Gwen. Gwen has always had a distinctive style sense. Her costume colors are different from the other spider-people. Most do a red and black or red and blue motif, but Gwen has an electric pink, bright light blue, and white.

      1st Special Element: The outer part of the hood is white. The inside of the hood is a bright light blue web on an electric pink background. The hood is wider to show the pattern on either side of the mask.

      2nd Special Element: The arms of the costume are white except for a diamond shape whose top tip is at the arm-pit. Both side tips meet at the outside of the elbow, and the bottom tip goes down to about 3/4th length on the arm. This diamond is a bright light blue web on an electric pink background. It gives an illusion of mini-wings made out of the web.

      3rd Special Element: The body of the hoodie is white at the top, and the bottom is black with a zigzag line across the upper chest, separating the two colors. On the front and the back, the zigzag starts just below the under-arm on a low print and reaches the high point twice across the chest and twice across the back, reaching the same height. The downward point of the zigzag in the middle of the chest reaches the central part of the chest, and the back matches the height.

      4th Special Element: The back has two white lightning bolts coming from each shoulder that meets in the center at the very top of the lower back.

      The best way to replicate this look is to buy this hoodie online.



      The long white gloves are made of satin and are really comfortable and soft fabric for attire. The gloves are stretchable and easy to on and off. You can either wear it with Halloween Spider Gwen costume or any other outfit for a classy appearance.

      Woman spider-man cosplay contains white long opera gloves. The best way to replicate this is by buying white lycra opera gloves online that reach the elbow.



      Spider-Gwen wears black ballerina tights taking to her ballet background. The difference between a ballerina tight and regular tight is that they are made of thicker fabric, and they go all the way down to mid-foot, leaving the toes and foot front exposed. These tights shape to the ankle, foot, and legs to allow agile movement.

      You can easily find them online with halloweencostumeforkids.com.


      Ballet Shoes:

      Spider-Gwen wears light blue ballet shoes. However, light blue ballet flats are also sported in different comics. You can find those light blue ballet flats with halloweencostumeforkids.com. They will be comfortable to walk in around giving a right look.


      The 10 Best Spider-Man Costumes of All Times

      As the iconic superhero is widely known for his iconic blue and red costume, he has also spent a significant amount of time dressed in different attire sets for a variety of reasons over the years. In some instances, it was technologically needed to enhance Spider-Man’s costumes to stand a better chance against the adversary.

      The list contains the ten best Spider-Man costumes and ranks them based on the broader world of comic book fandom and their significance within the Spider-man universe.


      10. Spider-Gwen

      Spider-Gwen costume sports a suit that is mainly black and white with purple and bright red webbing details, as well as a hood. The suit first appeared in the Edge of the Spider-Verse storyline.

      The contrast combination of black and white and funky web coloring makes this suit one for the ages.

      9. Miles Morales

      Miles Morales is the Spider-Man of Earth -1610. In this universe, Peter Parker dies around the same time when a radioactive spider bites Miles, and then Miles takes up the mantle of Spider-Man. At first, the suit was of the same color as Peter, but then it quickly changed to an all-black suit with red webbing, red fingers, and very contrasting bright white eyes. The suit first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4.

      The suit is very popular within the community that led to the making of the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which revolves around Miles Morales.

      8. Iron Spider- Comic Version

      This is the first suit worn by the original Peter Parker we all know and love. Tony Start created this suit before the events of the Superhuman Civil War. It was built with Stark tech, similar to his own Iron Man suit. The only difference was this was made with mesh. The most notable thing about the suit is its three metal spider legs that spring out from the back to help Spidey. The Iron Spider suit has the same color as of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. It first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #529.

      This is one of the most famous Spider-Man’s suits of a lifetime, which is recently recreated and redesigned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

      7. Scarlet Spider

      This suit was worn by the Ben Reily, the clone of Peter Parker. He has the same strengths and abilities as Peter Parker. The suit consists of red spandex all over with a blue sleeveless hoodie thrown on top. There are wrist-mounted metallic web-shooters and spider symbols that are unique. The suit is complete with bright white eyes that have no black border. The suit first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #118.

      This suit is fan-favorite, being implemented into the new Spider-man game.

      6. 'Marvel's Spider-Man' PS4 Suit

      This suit first appeared in the Marvel Spider-Man game for PS4. The suit features the mechanical eyes like the suits from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The suit is the same as the classic suit except with a slightly less deep red and white accents all over the suit and a giant white spider symbol on the chest.

      5. Civil War and Homecoming Suit

      This suit is worn by Peter Parker from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark built this suit for Peter Parker after he recruits him for his team to fight Captain America in the movie Captain America: Civil War. It was also then used by Peter during the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and for the first part of The Avengers: Infinity War.

      This is currently one of the most famous suits and is linked with the rebirth of Spider-Man on the big screen after the disaster of The Amazing Spider-Man series. This suit is also implemented in the new Spider-Man PS4 game.

      4. Sam Raimi Trilogy Suit

      Peter Parker wears the suit in the trilogy of films, including Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. The suit was created by Peter himself after he got his spider powers. This classic suit is in red and blues with a lot more prominent webbing that stands out on the suit. This suit first appeared in the movie Spider-Man in 2002.

      3. The Classic Suit

      In this suit, the webbing was removed under the arms. The suit consists of mainly blue with red gloves, midsection, head, and boots. There are webbing details on all the red parts and bright white eyes with black borders. The suit first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, where it has webbing under the arms for a short while before being removed.

      This is the suit that Spidey was created in, the first Peter ever wore, and it has also been recreated in the new Spider-Man game with mechanical eyes.

      2. Scarlet Spider

      Kaine Parker wore the second version of the Scarlet Spider Suit. He had the same powers and abilities as Peter Parker. The suit is all red, with some black paneling on the chest and neck and dark blue eyes. The suit first appeared in 2012 in Scarlet Spider #2.

      This is one of the simplest yet stunning looking suits any Spider-Man has ever worn.

      1.Symbiote Suit

      The original Peter Parker was seen wearing the black Symbiote suit. This happened when his suit was damaged, and he is engulfed in black goo that fixes his suits, changing into black color, and augmenting his powers. Later, the goo was discovered to be an alien symbiote. The suit is completely black except the white eyes and giant white spiders on the back and chest. There are also white patches on the hands. This suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #252.

      Spider-Man, in pure black with the contrast of the white spider and eyes, makes him one of the best-looking superheroes. The suit is rumored to be in the sequel to Spider-Man game on PS4.


      Do you want to know 5 Strange Things About Spider-Gwen’s Anatomy

      1. 1.    She Derived Her Power From Alien Spiders

      The origin of Spider-Gwen is the same as Spider-Man’s. They both were bitten by a special spider that gave them amazing arachnid abilities. However, the spider that bit Gwen was different than the one that bit Peter. The spider was the result of genetic engineering based on alien spider-parasites, instead of being radioactive,

      The fact that the spider was of alien origin, sort of, explains the differences between Peter and Gwen’s powers.


      1. 2.    She Has Lost Her Powers

      What mad science can give, mad science can take away. Spider-Gwen lost her powers at one point. Thanks to the same person who is responsible for them – Cindy Moon.

      Cindy also revealed that she had created the spider responsible for Gwen’s powers before injecting her with a formula that got rid of them. And Gwen still has not got her powers back either.


      1. 3.    Wall Crawling with Her Hands and Feet only

      Apart from web-slinging, wall-crawling is one of the most spidery powers of Spider-Man. But for Spider-Gwen, it’s in a more limited fashion as compared to the Spider-Man. So far, Gwen can only stick to things with her feet and hands. Whereas Peter Parker can stick to things with his whole body.


      1. 4.    Controlling Tiny Venom Spiders

      Spider-Gwen symbiote is very different than the regular one. It looks more like a colony of hundreds of tiny spiders, instead of being made of black goo. Gwen can control these through her bond. The symbiote was created by mixing radioactive isotopes based on the alien spiders Gwen got her powers from and the Lizard formula, which turns people into lizards.


      1. 5.    Temporarily Restoring Her Powers

      After Cindy Moon depowered her, Spider-Gwen was not totally out of commission. One of Cindy’s henchmen, whom Gwen has persuaded to help her, gave her some special radioactive isotopes based on the DNA of the alien spiders from where she derived her powers. Injecting these isotopes restored her power for a little while, at least.



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