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Star Wars Cosplay

Star Wars is perhaps one of the most famous series ever made and it still has a huge fan base in the world. With the Series and the popular movies, it has become a cult thing and has attracted a huge fanbase of all age groups. Now, perhaps the most attractive thing about Star Wars is their costume and appearance. This whole series, the story line and its characters, allowed the average audience to witness the space adventures which has always intrigued their imagination. Now, instead of only imagining them inside their head, they can actually see that unfold before their eyes. And the characters and their appearances allowed them to witness the other worldly beings and their various endeavors. This is definitely one of the greatest reasons behind their fame. It allowed them to be different and unique from the rest. And thus there is a huge trend of appearing as a Star Wars character in Halloween or any other costume party. From Darth Vedar, Strom Trooppers To any other Jedi character, all the costume is immensely popular and a lot of people have often opted for these costumes for Halloween. But where can you find these costumes for the best price. Well, this is exactly what Sexycostumesbuy can do for you. Read on as below I have listed the details of a few famous Star Wars costumes for your better understanding. So let’s get started.

Storm Trooper Costume:

The Strom Trooper costume is definitely one of the most costumes from this series. Who doesn’t love this weird looking character? His appearance is downright cool and it makes a hell-of-a-choice for Halloween. It’s one of the main attractions of the entire series. The kids as well as the adults absolutely admire the whole concept and they definitely dream like becoming one of them. There’s no doubt that among all the weird and quirky characters of the Star Wars Costume, the Strom trooper has always been one of the favorites with kids and as well with adults. With its weird gesture and out of the world body suit, it’s the perfect thing for Halloween. So if your kid is dreaming about wearing this white body suit for Halloween then we at SexycostumesBuy can help you with the best and creative Halloween costumes for the best price. Below, I am listing the details of the costume so that you can make a successful purchase.

Items Included:

  • This costume is a jumpsuit which has attached Boot Tops.
  • And it comes with the characteristic Mask which completes the look.


  • The suit is made of 100% Polyester which makes it snug and attractive.
  • It is a white and black jumpsuit with printed on armor.
  • You will also get a toy gun with the costume.
  • Lastly, you will get PVC Stormtrooper mask which will add the finishing touch on the costume.

Princess Leia costume:

It can be seen that some leading, yet powerful ladies just sit around and wait for their knight in shining armor to come. And thus, they are often considered as playing the perfect young unmarried woman in distress role. However, on the other hand, Princess Leia would rather grab a weapon and attack between the eyes of any Stormtrooper who looks at her funny. She is the leading figure of the Rebel Alliance of the Imperial Senate and she takes charge of the resistance as a general. Princess Leia has always been and would be a strong, intelligent, smart and confident leader in the Star Wars Galaxy. So, it’s obvious that a lot of strong women out there absolutely adore her and want to become just like her in this Halloween. For that reason, SexycostumesBuy has come up with the perfect Princess Leia costume that will surely grab everyone’s attention. Let’s check out the details of the costume.

There are a lot of reasons for you to surely love dressing as Luke Skywalker’s twin sister as well as fighting as a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order as you take your place in galactic history. With standard costumes for children and adults, accessories such as wigs, blasters, boot tops and more, the Princess Leia costume has everything you need for your everyday dress up.

Items Included:

  • White dress
  • Belt
  • Wig
  • Boot tops


  • The Princess Leia costume is made of 100 per cent polyester.
  • The best part is that you can hand wash your favorite costume, line dry or cold water, but no bleach.
  • You will get a high-quality polyester dress with belt and wig.
  • Needless to say that you will look incredibly appealing in this costume is body-hugging.


Darth Vader costume:

Darth Vader is perhaps the most hated character in the Star Wars Universe. He is the mighty super villain of the series who has a ton of sinister plans to accomplish and achieve total control over everything with his mighty army. But no matter how much he is hated for his devilish deeds and villainous appearance, his costume is definitely one of the most favorite one among the Star War fans. No matter it’s the Halloween or any fancy dress party, this costume will never fail to leave an impression upon your guests. It’s the perfect costume to done if you are feeling like becoming the villain this Halloween. If you are searching for one such costume then we at SexycostumesBuy have the perfect option for you. Below I am sharing the details of this costume for a successful purchase.

  • The costume is a completely black suit which resembles an over-coat similar to the Vader’s actual attire in the series.
  • You will also get the matching boots which also resembles the original attire.
  • You will also get a Star Wars sword of green laser, typical of Darth Vader.
  • Lastly, you will get the black polyester mask without which the Darth Vader costume is incomplete.
Star Wars Cosplay

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