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clown costume for couples

clown couples
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Being weird does not always necessarily mean looking horrid and scary. One can bring forth her/his crazy funny sides as well to look like a complete weirdo this upcoming Halloween. When everybody is getting serious on petrifying others with their scary avatar, why don’t you introduce some elements of fun and frolic into the Halloween atmosphere? Appropriately tailored and designed clown costume can help you gain quality compliments the moment you step in wearing it. Ease the tension building up around with your funny and jovial image. With little bit of imagination, you can stand out in the crowd dressing as a clown and helping others to smile.

Clown costumes fashioned in a diverse style can be easily availed from reputed online shopping portals. Different types will appeal to different people. Scary clown costumes are also available that you can opt for in case you wish to look scary. Funny clown costumes, however, seem to witness greater demand even as an ideal Halloween outfits. A detailed discussion on the clown costume available online would help to better understand how great it can be for the Halloween nights.

Clown costume

Clown costume includes a clown wig, fancy white gloves, shirt, hat, jacket, pants and collar. The entire costume is made of 100% polyester that feels smooth against the bare skin. The shirt bears designs resembling sewn patches of differently colored cloth at various places. This unique design pattern imparts quite unusual and eye-catchy elements to the shirt. The collar features elastic for giving a ruffled look to the individual wearing it. It comes with a hook and loop fastener so that one can easily slip inside it without much hassle.

Funny Halloween costumes

In yet another type (in terms of design and styling) of clown costume, it has a vest that comes with an attached differently colored undershirt. The vest is yellow and the attached undershirt provided along is white in color. The vest is further beautifully designed using bright red colored buttons. The vest is also coupled with a multicolor bow tie at the upper front portion. The trousers feature square-box like design pattern made in diverse shades and have an elastic waistband for ensuring flawless fit. The elastic waistband makes it possible for even an individual with broad waist use the trouser without fearing if it would fit or not.

The funny and unusual design elements

The jacket offered along looks unique and quite peculiar with one portion dyed bright red and the other side (left-hand portion) colored royal blue. This red and blue jacket further is paired boldly with green and yellow sleeves. This peculiarity helps in adding more fun and glamour to the costume. Two faux pockets are stitched on the back portion of the trouser (on the buttock area of the trouser. To highlight the two faux pocket portions further, two huge orange colored buttons have been used concealing the elastic band.

The Hat

You can dress like a Clown without a hat but then it would not look that attractive and somewhat will miss its unique clownish appeal. This is why including a clown hat is quite necessary to complete the look. The hat is made of foam and will not feel discomfort even if you keep it on for hours. The hat is designed in a very eye-catchy yet unusual way to maintain its fun side. It might bear an imprint or sketch of a huge flower petal (a daisy perhaps) to give the entire costume a unique touch.

Clown Wig

The wig of the Clown is a crucial part of the costume. The bushy and funny dyed synthetic hair can take your clownish look to a great height. The mesh net lining helps a lot in making the artificial curly or bushy hair look real. Keep clowning around with silly jokes in mind and a big smile on face as the mesh lining offers great comfort and ensures the wig stays in place.

Halloween costumes for couples

At several credible and reputable e-stores you can easily get access to Halloween costumes for couples. They will come designed and styled attractively to give your family and you an almost perfect clownish appearance. Do not forget to shop for makeup kit or you can use your own makeup products to look more clownish this Halloween.


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