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Wonder Woman Costume history and her Weapons
Posted: Dec, 17, 2019
Wonder Woman Costume history and her Weapons

Wonder Woman Costume is the most popular female DC comic-book superhero costume  of all time. Aside from Batman and Superman, no other DC comic character has left such a long-lasting impression. Generation of girls has carried their sandwiches to school in Wonder Woman lunchboxes.

The iconic superhero character played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot has had her look evolving from her debut in 1941 to her big-screen solo breakout in 2017. In the 2019 sequel, the Amazon warrior princess will be seen donning ‘battle gear’ for her fight against the USSR and the villainous Cheetah. When "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” came out, Wonder Woman’s inclusion was one of the most talked-about aspects of the movie. People had divisive views taking Gal Gadot, particularly the outfit she was wearing. There were plenty in favor of the updated outfit to give her a more warrior-like appearance.

There is a reason why Wonder Woman’s costume is the go-to fancy dress outfit if you want to be noticed: it screams appealing and strong – empowering any female who wears it. The costume of Gal Gadot in the blockbuster movie Wonder Woman has had some serious re-working over the years. Pantsuits introduced, shorts cut higher, hems have been lowered, even 60’s style tunics given a run. From capes to helmets, suits to skirts, this is a list of the evolution of Wonder Woman’s outfits through the years.

 wonder woman costume history

Origin of Wonder Woman Costume

1941: Harry G. Peter gifted William Moulton Marston with tiara, bracelets, and boots. He chose the red-white-blue-and-gold color scheme for her ensemble to represent her patriotism. Surprisingly, the Wonder Woman suit endured over the decades.

1942: It did not take long for Wonder Woman to trade her flowing blue culottes for skin-tight shorts. Her boots also got a slight revamp, with the decorative white stripe down the center jettisoned in favor of a sleeker design.

1949: As a nod to Diana’s Amazonian roots, this time gladiator styled sandals got introduced, with straps crisscrossing her calves. The hems of her shorts, however, kept growing shorter.

1968: In the late 60s, Wonder Woman ditched her superpowers for martial arts, going undercover as Diana Prince. She went through a cycle of various outfits, mostly opting to wear all-white.

1972-73: After a long run as Diana Prince, the heroine returned to the Wonder Woman moniker and the classic costume.

1982: Here, the breastplate was redesigned on the character’s armor, giving Diana her own WW logo, one that would become as instantly recognizable as those of her counterparts Batman and Superman.

1987: Wonder Woman was re-launched in 1987, drawing the Amazon with a massive spray of jet-black curls and tweaking her costume to include silver bracelets and two-pointed tiara.

1995: Diana gave up the Wonder Woman title and costume to fellow Amazon Artemis. As a result, she donned attire that could perhaps best be described as bondage-biker daywear. She still has white stars on her blue jacket.

2006: A re-launch thankfully took her to basics – tiara, red and white boots, and spangled shorts. There was one major upgrade to her breastplate. It was a mash-up of the original eagle logo and the WW insignia.

2010: In this phase, everything from her tiara to her boots got an update, including the intricate gauntlets that leave a W mark on any bag guy who dares to cross her path.

2011: The leggings were short-lived. Wonder Woman costume soon returned to her original version, with darker color scheme costume and silver accents instead of gold.

2016: To coincide with Gal Gadot’s first onscreen appearance as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the character received a Greek-inspired makeover that replaced her shorts with a navy-blue armor skirt.


Original Wonder Woman Cosplay dress

When Wonder Woman costume was introduced for the very first time, we saw her wearing a skirt. This element came back now and then but did not last long. In the 1950s, she was seen wearing red roman sandals instead of boots, to play up the Greek Amazonian part of her character.

Other than skirts and sandals, the rest of the most recognized costume elements were present in her Golden Age roots.

  • She wore a tiara to represent her royal status.
  • The Lasso of Truth was ready to use to get the truth our.
  • Bracelets on her wrist to deflect bullets.
  • A red top with a gold emblem, blue shorts with stars, and the red shoes.


Classic Wonder Woman Costume

The costume underwent slight adjustments over the years but remained relatively constant.

Tiara and Bracelets:

As Princess of the Amazons, she wears her tiara with a red star on the front, and this can be used as a boomerang to attack her fleeing opponents. She also has a pair of indestructible bracelets, which she uses to deflect bullets. Both the bracelets and tiara change in prominence and thickness, but, for the most part, they are rather left simple.

Shorts and Top:

Any significant changes to the costume are often made to the shorts and top. The shorts are colored in different shades of blue with white stars. Any noticeable changes are made to their lengths. They vary in sizes from almost touching her knees to practically being a thong. The belt holding her Lasso of Truth and connecting her top and bottom will vary in its height. It is kept a basic white and gold color.

The top is where most changes took place. The fabric stays a shade of red. The American eagle on her bust gradually changed and transformed less into an eagle and more into the letter W.


The boot design remained red with white trim. Only the size of the heel changed. They can be short, so she can quickly run to the rescue, or long so that she could easily impale a vampire through the heart if needed.


Wonder Woman #600 Makeover

The revamp of this costume was appreciated with mixed reviews. The outfit was designed portraying more of a street fighter look and trying to move away from the living American flag image.

To make it feel like a Wonder Woman costume, bracelets, the Lasso of Truth, and the tiara are still there. She now has black leggings or pants. The red boots are gone. The top has the proper fit, low cut shirt with the old color scheme. A black jacket has been re-introduced.


Wonder Woman 52

For the New 52, Wonder Woman got a new costume upgrade. This could once again be a variation of her classic look. The significant difference was – replacing the gold colors with silver and incorporating slimmer accents. She is now wearing a thick silver choker, and the tiara was thinned. Both the tiara and choker have a small red star on them. In addition to the silver bracelets, there’s a slim armband around her left upper arm.

The W emblem is still on the chest, but it has been moved much higher and now accentuates the curves on top. The red bodice is back and tighter than ever. A thin silver line separates the bikini bottoms from her top. The boots now match the bottom of the costume instead of the red top.


Best Weapons and Equipment After Wonder Woman wear her costume

Unlike superheroe like the Flash costume and Superman costume, Wonder Woman employs the use of various weapons, equipment, and tools to engage her enemies.

Below are lists of the items that are featured in the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League movies to those she has used in the comics.


10. Lasso of Truth:

Though you could see her prominently with a sword and shield in the trailers, her lasso is still clearly visible around her waist area. The Lasso OF Truth compels anyone trapped in it to speak out the truth. Or it lowers their guard. Or obeys the wielder’s demands. It also burns off forgetfulness and hangovers. As the warrior for truth and peace, this is the essential tool in her arsenal.

Wonder Woman Costume-Bracelets of Victory

9. Bracelets of Victory:

Essential parts of Wonder Woman’s costume, the Bracelets of Victory, are silver cuffs worn around Diana’s wrists. They are far more than jewelry. The bracelets were forged from the shield of the Zeus himself, and are indestructible. Wonder Woman uses her cuffs in order to project a lightning blast from them, using them as an offensive weapon.

The bracelets are defensive. They can deflect bullets and protects her from explosions and larger blasts.

Wonder Woman Costume-Royal Tiara

8. Royal Tiara:

While the tiara is a symbol of Wonder Woman’s royalty, it is essential to keep in mind that she is a warrior princess, and her crown is also used as a weapon. The tiara appears to be gold and silver and has a star in the center. She can take it off and use it as a throwing weapon, and with sharpened edges and her super-human strength behind it, a throw can bring an impressive amount of damage.

7. Battle Armor:

In her various incarnations over the years, Wonder Woman has proved that she is capable of fighting in just about anything. In her last movie, she was also seen strapping a sword between her shoulder blades while wearing an evening gown.

Princess Diana has specific battle armor to protect herself and move as easily as possible. We have seen Wonder Woman donning many different costumes over the years in DC comic, but the common thread is the armored breastplate that covers her torso. She is also known to wear a shield for added protection, as well as her bulletproof bracelets.

Wonder Woman Costume-Magical Sword

6. Magical Sword:

In every trailer of Wonder Woman, we see her fighting with her sword, but some may not be aware that the sword is actually a magical one. The primary magical property of the sword is its ability to work on invulnerable things, including Superman. This sword can hurt and even (theoretically) kill Superman without Kryptonite. In the DCU, her sword is also known as Sword of Athena, and it is much more closely connected to her Amazonian heritage.

5. War Suits

While we have mostly seen Wonder Woman in her iconic blue, red, and gold battle costume, she does have another set of armor as well. In some trailers, we have also seen Wonder Woman in a more ‘everyday’ Themyscirian suit that is completely copper and much simpler than her usual armor.

This gold suit covers more than her usual costume, with a chest plate, a helmet, shoulder plates, and gold greaves. The suit also sprouts a pair of wings from her shoulders that make her look even larger and more formidable than usual. Other Amazonians also have such war suits in silver or bronze rather than gold that Wonder Woman wears.

4. Martial Weapons:

Although Wonder Woman has limited weaponry and magical equipment to use, she is capable of using a wide variety of martial weaponry. Her training on Themyscira as a warrior includes a range of fighting tools and styles, and she is capable of fighting with shields, spears, axes, daggers, swords, the bow and arrow, and much more. Although she prefers to use weapons and other tools, she is also an incredible hand-to-hand combatant, even if she loses her powers.

3. The Invisible Plane:

The Invisible Plane was Wonder Woman’s primary mode of transport in her early days before she could fly. Previously as per Amazonian technology, Diana used her invisible jet to bring Steve back to the world of man, and then to transport herself and others.

The later version of the plane was retconned to become an alien tech. The plane could do a lot more than just hiding in plain sight. The plane has an autopilot mode, can fly in space, can repair itself when damaged, and has various weaponry. Wonder Woman also has a telepathic connection to her plane.

2. Earrings:

Today Wonder Woman no longer wears weaponized earrings. But she wore it from time to time during her Golden Age days. At one point, she had a set of red earrings that had been magnetized by Queen of the Planet Venus – Desira. This allowed Diana to communicate with the Queen over any distance – courtesy of their gift of magnetic hearing.

1. Power Rings:

Wonder Woman was given two different rings during the events of Blackest Night. Later, she was also given a Violet Power Ring to become one of the Star Sapphires to defeat Nekron and save the day.

As a Star Sapphire, Wonder Woman was granted all of the usual power ring abilities – manipulating energy through emotion, survival in space, intergalactic travel, and the creation of energy constructs.


Are there any other weapons from the comics that we missed? Which Wonder Woman weapon is your favorite of all time? Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below.


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