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Darth Vader costume for kids and adult - star wars
Posted: Apr, 1, 2020
Darth Vader costume for kids and adult - star wars

That’s the cue to the theme music and come over to “The Dark Side” with the Darth Vader costume. Well, it cannot be denied that Star Wars is everywhere, especially with the recent release of Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Irrespective of the movie, as long as the Star Wars franchise exists, the Darth Vader costume will be one of the most remarkable costumes. The costume for this popular character has been made available in all shapes, sizes and variants. If you are looking for the Darth Vader costume for kids, we have got it. Looking for Darth Vader costume for men or women? That too is available. We even have the sexy Darth Vader costume for women. Be it classic or contemporary Darth Vader preferences, we have got every form of star wars costume that will make you look exactly like the ruthless and fearless leader.

  • The costume comprises of a mask, gloves, a bodysuit, belt and cape. This will transform a layman into the Empire’s most feared force. The details of the products include:
  • A suit, a mask, gloves, detachable cape, and a belt
  • The bodysuit comes with vertical stitching and there are padded vinyl shin covers.
  • It has got molded plastic chest panel and padded metallic silver yoke along with screen art chain detail.
  • There are self-stick fabric tabs at the back to ensure easy on and off.
  • It has got gloves with shiny black fabric on the top side.
  • There is also a hard plastic half mask in this star wars costume. This has got see-through mesh eyes and elastic band along with self-stick fabric closure that will ensure a secure fit.
  • There is a belt with self-stick fabric closure with padded foam accents and also screen art detailing.
  • There is a detachable cape in this star wars costume that has self-stick fabric fastening.
  • The accessories in this Darth Vader costume include Darth Vader sword.

This is your time to suit up like the ultimate villain in the Galaxy, the dark lord of sith and also the right-hand man of the evil emperor. This sounds like an easy proposition, but it can be a daunting task to get the right star wars costume with Darth Vader sword. Want to have the feel of falling into the dark side of the force? Well, let us worry about the looks, you just relax and enjoy the feel of it. We present you the iconic costume to ensure that you can have the perfect look that you want.

Apart from that, we have got the experienced designers that manufacture costumes in such a way that the consumer has the best experience after wearing it. Once you choose the right Darth Vader costume, the job is halfway done. You need the right accessories along with it. This includes the perfect Darth Vader sword. We have got some handy accessories that go with the costume. Let us help you fulfill the prophecy of Darth Vader.


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