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Black Knight Costume for kids boy - Fortnite

Black Knight Costume for kids boy - Fortnite
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Fortnite is definitely one of the most famous games in the current days. The kids just love it and all the characters are just great. Needless to say, it influences them and makes them dream about them. Fortnite characters are embellished with great background stories, incredible power and wonderful costumes. Thus they are one of the hot favorites of the Halloween costume options. Imagine your kid wearing a super cool looking Black Knight costume for kids. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? Well, with HalloweenCostumesForKids this is now very much possible. Read on as in this post I will be telling you about how you can find the best Black Knight costume along with its complete set of specifications for your better understanding.

In the video game Fortnite, Black Knight is a skin which is obtained as a reward from Tier 70 of Battle Pass Season 2. With its sleek look, sharp edges and dark style, this skin is as creepy as it is awesome, giving characters a medieval motif complete with glowing eyes, steel armor and an opaque metal visor. This Fortnite skin has become very popular with fans, inspiring action figures, customized art drawings and more!If you’re a huge Fortnite addict and you want a costume to reflect it, Black Knight is an excellent choice!

The Black Knight Outfit is a Legendary Skin that was available during Season 2. This outfit takes us back to the medieval times and is one of the most popular skins in Fortnite. Fully armored, it features mostly Black. However there is Red detailing on the chest and eyes.Official Description: The odious scourge of Wailing Woods.The Black Knight is the name of one of the Legendary male-only outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is said that the outfit is the one worn by the odious scourge of Wailing Woods.The Black Knight is one of the most sought-after costumes for the game. The outfit resembles an armored knight in jet-black and features a black helm, black vest, and black pants.The outfit is part of the Fort Knights Set.


How to Dress Like Black Knight from Fortnite Battle Royale

Black Knight Fortnite

1Black Fit T-Shirt With Long SleevesGet a plain black long-sleeved T-shirt that fits you perfectly.
2Motorcycle Armour VestTop your T-shirt with a black armor vest.
3Tactical PantsMatch your top part with a pair of black tactical pants.
4Combat BootsLook for plain black combat boots to wear.
5Black HelmetYou can also find a medieval war helmet toy and spray it with black paint to match your outfit.
6Black ScarfLook for a plain black scarf to wrap around your neck.
7Black GlovesGet a pair of black racing gloves to wear.
8Tactical BeltFasten the pants with a tactical belt in black color.
9Belt PouchAttach a pouch to your belt.
10Black Gladiator SkirtWear a black Roman gladiator skirt below a belt.
11Black Shield PropCarry or strap a black shield prop on your back.
12Full Costume - AdultsHave no time to collect items for yourself? Get this full costume!


The Black Knight skin wears a cool and mysterious-looking mask! The mask of this game skin is actually a knight visor attached to a steel helmet. The visor has red accents, a dark black base, and beneath the visor there’s a glowing orange light where the eyes of the character will be.

For the glowing orange eyes, add a thin strip of orange reflector tape, or purchase an orange battery-powered LED clip-on light to attach under your visor for a similar style.


Plates of heavy dark gray armor and chainmail make up most of Black Knight’s attire. With similar red accents to the helmet on the chest and arms of the outfit, it all fits together.

You can shop around on retail websites and costume websites for extra armor pieces, or you can easily find pre-made fortnite costume pieces.

Use red and gray paint to customize the armor if necessary. Underneath the costume, wear dark black pants or leggings and a long-sleeved black turtleneck to hide any exposed skin that the costume won’t cover.


The Black Knight skin comes with heavy steel gray knee-high boots. You can search for similar boots from costume websites, retail websites and Halloween stores

Black Knight Costume For Kids: Make Your Kid Stand Out!

One of the most significant reasons behind the immense popularity of the Fortnite game is because it has been a successful co-operative survival game from Epic Games. This is now basically available on almost every platform you can think of. Thanks to this, it is now being played by millions of people throughout the globe. And in those millions of players, the Black knight Fortnite cosplay is definitely a very popular outfit to try in Halloween. So, if you are a huge fan of the Fortite game then there is nothing better than dropping in on a party than dressed as your favorite Fortnite cosplay costume!  The Black knight Halloween outfit is really a very intriguing costume to wear in parties. At HalloweenCostumesForKids, the designers have come up with the perfect costume that will always make the guest amazed. This is definitely a calling for all the Fortnite fans. Now, you can just emerge from the Wailing Woods and show off your fandom this Halloween. Here we give you the best quality and absolutely awesome Fortnite Black Knight costume that will take you to medieval times and instantly prepare you for your next Battle Royale! Below I am listing all the great details of this dress which will be helpful to you for a successful purchase.

  • The first best thing about this costume is the helmet. This exactly resembles the helmet of the knights. This gives the costume an edge you have been looking for.
  • The costume is a body suit made of polyester which makes it very comfy on the skin and it’s perfect for all the day use.
  • The body suit has a zipper which makes it very easy to come in and out of the dress.
  • The costume also has some great embellishment and graphical designs which makes it even more appealing.
  • The costume comes in a variety of sizes; make sure to refer to the size chart to have the perfect costume for you.
  • For the props, you will get a belt which is just like the gaming character and also you will get the characteristic red arm band.
  • Lastly, you will get the boots which completes the look perfectly.

So why wait any longer? Visit our platform halloweencostumeforkids.com and get your Black Knight Costume for Kids today! Place order today before the stock runs out.



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