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Arabian princess jasmine costume dress for girl

Arabian princess dress set
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Princess Jasmine is one of the most prominent and popular characters of Disney, created in the year 1992. She featured in Disney’s renowned movie Aladdin. It cannot be denied that almost every kid loves the story of Aladdin and when it comes to princess dresses, little girls love the princess jasmine costume. Apart from little girls, the princess jasmine costume can be worn by young ladies to different fancy dress parties and to spice things up a bit. Now, coming back to the costumes, once you gift your little one with the princess jasmine costume, just like magic carpet ride, your kid’s imagination will be whisked away as their dreams of being a Sultan’s daughter in far-off lands. That being said, this princess jasmine costume comes in a detailed two-piece jasmine costume that features gold detailing, sequins, organza and also a dazzling magic lantern brooch.

Speaking of the details of the princess dress, this one is an authentic disney costume that comes in two-pieces set includes both top and pants. The top comes in gold glitter aqua mesh along with sequins, pleated organza shoulders and also a faux gold lame trim. There is also a jeweled magic lantern brooch with glitter, stretch fabric back that ensures comfortable fit and satin shoulder straps. The Arabian princess dress has pants that have mid-section of gold and glitter aqua mesh with sequins faux gold and lame trim. It also has an elastic waistband at the back and it comes draped with organza peplum layer featuring gold and metallic border art.

The other features of the princess jasmine costume include trimmed gold ribbon along with sequin pipettes, pants featuring midsection of gold glitter aqua mesh with sequins and faux gold lame trim. This Arabian princess dress has got an elastic waistband at the back with draped organza peplum layer featuring gold metallic border art. There are trimmed gold ribbons with sequin piettes. The pants of princess jasmine costume feature organza top layer and over stretch leggings. It also has got shirred cuffs along with gold edging.

You can rest assured that your little one will be transformed into a Disney princess with this Arabian Princess dress. The Arabian princess dress features an opulent peacock inspired detailing, a sequined panel and also a tulle underskirt. The other details of the Arabian princess dress include gold embroidered detailing below the belly region. There is also a gemstone button fastening at some of the backs of the dresses, paneled skirts with pleats, sequined control panel, elastic waist, layered tulle and organza underskirt.

To get the correct size of the princess dress, it is important to know the size that will fit your daughter. Rest assured that the costume will be made of premium quality thick satin, gauze and sequin that looks pretty fancy and is also quite comfortable as well. The princess jasmine costume includes top, pants, head-wear, and if you want you can also get a cape for your daughter, but that is definitely optional. That being said, this costume is also suitable for adult women and teen girls. This Arabian princess dress could possibly be the best choice for the anime expo, theme parties Halloween cosplay party, portrays, festival, stage performances and any other occasions. The princess dress sizes come in two variations, one is Large and the other one is Extra Large.

Now that we have described the details of princess jasmine costume, let us share some interesting details about the Jasmine character of Disney. We are sure that you will find them interesting.

  • Did you know that Jasmine was the first Disney princess that had separate speaking and singing voice actors?
  • Jasmine is also the only Disney princess who is not the main character of the film.
  • Jasmine was originally supposed to name Badroulbadour. It was after the name of the princess who gets married to Aladdin in the name of Arabian Nights.
  • Jasmine is the only Disney princess that has her own dress or gown as the official costume.
  • Jasmine is also the only Disney princess who has ever kissed a villainous character.


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