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batman cosplay costume with mask for kids and adult

Adult Batman costume
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Turn into a real Batman or amazing Batgirl, save the world! A large variety of costumes will allow you to choose the one that you need. The outfit, consisting of a T-shirt with a pattern, full of combat armor from the movie, tight overalls or a batman costume with an imitation of muscles- decide what your superhero will be. Protect the inhabitants of Gotham City on Halloween, New Year or be the main superhero at a costume party!

Batman is a fictional character, a superhero of drawn comics, who, hitting the big screen, immediately gained widespread popularity. The main difference between Batman and other superheroes is that he does not possess any supernatural abilities, but uses only the power of his mind, the latest scientific achievements and the skills of martial arts. The Batman costume is a stylized bat costume. This costume was designed specifically for him - a black reinforced jumpsuit, a half mask with ears and eye slots, and a black raincoat that looks like bat wings.

How to diy your Batman Costume yourself

Batman Costume



  1. Batman Costume
  2. Batman's Boots
  3. Batman Light and Batarangs
  4. Grapnel Gun
  5. Armored Mask (Armored Outfit)
  6. Armored Gauntlet (Armored Outfit)

Interestingly, the Batman costume for a holiday is chosen not only by the boys but also their dads apparently, because the image of Batman personifies intelligence combined with good physical fitness and high moral character.

If you want to buy a Batman costume for adults, it will be quite simple to do so, almost any carnival costume shop offers this popular outfit, and sometimes several of your choices. At various online auctions, you can find the exclusive costumes of Batman, which completely repeat the outfit of the hero from the last movie about this superhero, and are made of special materials.

You can make a simplified costume of Batman and batman capes with your own hands. For this, you need a gymnastic leotard and a black raincoat. The biggest difficulty is making a mask. It can be made of satin fabric, but it is important to precisely adjust the proportions so that you can breathe and look freely in this mask. And do not forget about the application in the form of a bat.

The mysterious avenger, a hero, called “Batman,” defended the weak and began his fight against the criminals. He can fight any villain and make him run in fear.

With us, you will choose the costume of your favorite hero: the classic batman mask, the costume of Robin, Penguin, Joker, and many others. Large selection of Batman costumes for women: Robin costume, a variety of Cat woman suits. Huge selection of carnival costumes for children. You can surprise your friends by buying a quality mask of Batman or Joker. Vinyl and latex masks from the movie "Batman," capes, gloves, belts - these details will help to create your unforgettable image.

And one more idea. If you are going to a carnival with a friend, you can choose a matching carnival costume for the batman suit replica, for example, Cat woman costume or Bat Girl costume. This pair will look the most impressive and stylish on any carnival.


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