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Toddler Marshall Costume Deluxe - PAW Patrol

Toddler Marshall Costume Deluxe - PAW Patrol
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    You might have seen your kids watching PAW Patrol. It is one of the kid’s favorite shows. They love all the characters. One of the important characters of the show is Marshall. Marshall is a cute puppy, who is the fire and medic expert. He used to save the life of people and the buildings by extinguishing the fire. He also rescues animals by using the ladder. Further, he takes care of the injured people and animals and uses the X-Ray screen to check the broken bones. Due to all his actions, he is a hero. He is very brave and friendly. Children love him; therefore, they love to act like him and become a member of the PAW Patrol. Parents can make their children happy by getting the toddler Marshall costume for them. They will surely love it.

    Marshall is an important character and the third member of PAW Patrol. Children who love to become a fireman also like the character of Marshall.Halloweencostumeforkids has brought you an amazing and fascinating toddler Marshall costume. You can give the costume to your child on Halloween, birthday, or any party. Our costume is excellently designed by considering look and comfort. Let’s see some important features of our costume.


    Features of the Toddler Marshall Costume


    Color Combination

    Marshall is a dalmatian puppy. He has white fur, and there are back spots all over his body. Dalmatian puppies only have these two colors. He wears a red vest that is his firefighting gear. He also wears a red hat. There is a blue-white logo on the hat as well.

    Our toddler Marshall costume has all these color combinations. The costume is completely white from the bottom with black spots. The arms are also white with black spots. The vest is completely red except the collar. All these colors make the costume attractive and stylish.

    Spots on the Costume

    Dalmatian puppies have white spots on their body. Marshall also has white spots. We have made our toddler costume to look like Marshall. It also has spots on various lactations. The spots are on both the hands, legs, ears, and tail. These give a fascinating look to the boy. You can also make spots on the face of the boy to make him look like Marshall.


    Marshall is a firefighter. Therefore, he wears a helmet, like firefighters. The hat is completely red, but there is a logo/badge in the middle. The badge is of PAW Patrol, which is in blue and white. Marshall’s ears remain out of the hat.

    We have also made the same firefighter helmet for our toddler Marshall costume. The ears are attached to it. They are white with black spots on it. There is a similar PAW Patrol logo on the helmet. The helmet looks perfect and provides an excellent look.

    Fire Badge

    Every PAW Patrol member has a badge. All puppies have a badge on their collar belts. The badge is related to their work. In the case of Marshall, the badge is according to his firefighting skills. It indicates that he is a firefighter. We have also incorporated the same badge in our costume as well. It is on the collar.


    Marshall wears a firefighter vest that is his essential uniform. The color of the vest is red. There is a puppy collar over the neck, which is yellow. It also has a firefighting badge.

    Our toddler Marshall costume also has the same red vest. The collar and badge are also attached to it. The vest has two pockets on both sides, just like firefighters. There is a zipper pattern in the middle of the vest that shows that it is a vest with a zipper.


    Since Marshall is a firefighter; therefore, he carries a pup-pack. It features a water cannon to deal with any fire emergency. Our costume also has a red pup-pack like Marshall’s real one. The pup-pack also has a firefighting badge on it. It is like a simple backpack in which you can put anything you want.


    Marshall is a puppy; therefore, he has a tail as well. The tail is also white, with black spots on it. Our costume also has a black-spotted white tail. It is not too long, so your boy will not have any problem with it.

    Type of Costume

    The costume is a jumpsuit. It is very simple to wear. The backpack and helmet are separate. They can be worn after wearing the costume. You don’t need any shoes. Since it is a jumpsuit, it has all the required things. The feet of the costume are just like the paws.


    The jumpsuit is very comfortable. It is easy to wear and take out. The fabric is breathable, so there won’t be sweating. Our top-quality toddler Marshall costume is made of polyester and cotton. It is very comfortable for children. They will not feel any kind of irritation in it. The fabric is soft and comfy.


    The toddler Marshall costume is available in three sizes. You only need to measure the height of your boy to order the perfect size. We provide Small, Medium, and Large sizes. The corresponding heights are,

    • Small (S) – 100cm to 110cm
    • Medium (M) – 110cm to 120cm
    • Large (L) –120cm to 130cm

    These sizes are suitable for boys who are 4-8 years old. The size will be perfect; you only need to take care of the height.


    Boys love the character of Marshall. He is brave and has firefighting skills. If you are looking for a Halloween costume for your boy or you want to select a birthday present, then this toddler Marshall costume would be perfect for him. It is available at affordable prices. There is nothing required except this suit. We provide the cap and backpack with the costume. After wearing this costume, your boy will look like Marshall. Our costume is made from quality materials that are safe for children. They will be comfortable and happy after wearing this.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get the Marshall costume and make your boy happy.


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