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Toddler Chase Deluxe Costume - PAW Patrol

Toddler Chase Deluxe Costume - PAW Patrol
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    Chase is an important member of PAW Patrol. He is a police pup who takes care of the situations and directs the traffic as well. He is very mature and serious; therefore, he takes every mission seriously. One more duty of Chase is spying. He is a spy who finds the missing animals and people. He possesses a spy gear through which he tracks people. Because of his seriousness, he leads the team perfectly. Chase is the hero of many kids, and they want to become like him. You can make the wish of your boy come true by giving him the toddler chase costume. He can wear the costume and act like Chase. You can present the costume on Halloween or his birthday. There is no question that he will love the costume.

    Chase is a popular pup of PAW Patrol. He is one of the protagonists; therefore, the toddler Chase costume always remains in demand. It can be a nice idea for this Halloween. Your boy might be bored of using old costumes. This can be a unique idea for this Halloween. Halloweencostumeforkids has made a toddler Chase costume. The costume looks perfect and is affordable. Let’s talk about the features of the costume in detail.

    Features of Toddler Chase Costume

    Color Combination

    Chase is a German Shepherd. He has brown fur on his whole body. Most of the body is brown. Only his paws and the face are light-brown. These are the only two contrasts on his body, and most German Shepherds have a similar color combination. He wears a blue vest and hat as well.

    Our toddler Chase costume also has the same color combination. We have considered every detail from head to toe. Legs and hands are completely brown, while the paws are light brown. The costume resembles very much.


    Every PAW Patrol pup wears a vest. Chase also wears a vest that shows his identity as a cop. The vest is blue with a zipper in the middle. While there are two yellow badges on the shoulder, just like police officers. These two badges show the rank of Chase in the police. There are three chevrons on each side that indicate that he is a sergeant.

    We have also designed the same kind of vest in the costume. The upper portion of the costume is blue, just like the vest of Chase. It also has two badges on the shoulders. This portion of the costume gives a perfect Chase look to the boy wearing it.


    Pup-tag is an important tag that every PAW Patrol pup has. Chase has a personalized pup-tag. There is a star in the middle of the tag. The tag is blue while the star is yellow. Chase uses the tag to communicate with Ryder. This tag also shows his relationship with the police. The pup-tag is on the collar. Our toddler Chase costume has the same pup-tag on the collar. It has the same blue color and star design. This tag is an important part of the costume. Therefore, we have made a similar tag on the costume.


    Chase also carries a pup-pack during missions like the other PAW Patrol pups. It is blue, and there is the same pup-tag badge on the pup-pack. He usually carries a spotlight, a megaphone, a net, and a tennis ball cannon. This bag is essential for missions, so it is important for the costume as well. Our toddler Chase costume has a pup-pack. Your child can carry on his back. This is a normal bag in which you can put anything you want, such as snacks.


    Since Chase is a cop; therefore, he wears a police hat. Everyone recognizes him as a police officer due to this hat. His hat is blue with yellow trim. There is the PAW Patrol badge on the hat. Further, the bill of the hat is black. His ears always remain out of the hat.

    We have also designed a similar hat. The hat is blue with the PAW Patrol badge. There are ears on both sides of the hat so that your boy can look like Chase. The hat comes with the costume; you don’t need to buy it separately.


    Chase is a German Shepherd; thus, he has a long tail. The tail is completely brown. Our costume also has a tail at the back. The tail is not too long to create hindrance while walking.

    Type of Costume

    The costume is a jumpsuit. Therefore, there is no separate vest and boots. The costume has a similar boot shape with the same light brown color. There is no need to purchase anything. Your boy just needs to put this jumpsuit on. It is affordable as you don’t need to buy anything separately.


    We have used high-quality materials in the making of our toddler Chase costume. It is very comfortable and breathable. The costume is made of polyester and cotton. It is perfect for children, and they can even wear it the whole day without any hassle. It will not cause any irritation on the body.


    Our toddler Chase costume is available in three different sizes. The sizes are Small, Medium, and Large. It is suitable for children who are 4-8 years old. You need to measure the height of your boy to select the perfect size. It is very simple to select the size. You can refer to the following measurements.

    • Small (S) – 100cm to 110cm
    • Medium (M) – 110cm to 120cm
    • Large (L) –120cm to 130cm

    Just see the above measurements and order the costume according to that. The fitting will be perfect.


    Chase is one of the important characters of PAW Patrol. Children like him because he is a serious cop and the team leader. He takes care of every mission carefully. We have made an excellent toddler Chase costume that will be the best for your boy. You can give the costume on Halloween or birthday. This costume is affordable, and you don’t need to purchase anything separately. Everything, including the pup-pack and hat, comes with the costume. The costume is made from high-quality materials so that children can wear without any problem. You can surprise your children with this toddler Chase costume.

    Hurry up! Get your toddler Chase costume today and make your boy happy.


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