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Ravenclaw Robe Costume - harry potter

Ravenclaw Robe - Blue
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This Halloween season, if you wish to be completely unique and stand out in the crowd then wearing a Ravenclaw Robe costume will be a good decision. Halloween parties and as such other themed dress events are dominated by Superheroes, Disney princesses, scary dark creatures like Vampire and Devils. To infuse some novelty, this unique Halloween Ravenclaw robe costume is unparalleled. You might be wondering then why not opt for the most popular ones—the courageous Gryffindor or the cunning Slytherin. It is because there is a probability that you might spot another Gryffindor or Slytherin in the party. This will not help you much in achieving a distinct and unique status. Opt for being a Ravenclaw who are well-known in the Hogwarts for being the most intellectual, resourceful, and good-looking (JK Rowling mentioned that Ravenclaws provide the prettiest faces). Their heads are in the cloud but are pretty and are extremely intelligent, remember Luna Lovegood!

This Halloween (at any upcoming themed dress event) you be the pretty and intelligent Luna to come out being the rightful triumphant of the best-dressed trophy. To give a tough competition to others at the party is easy but to find an appropriately tailored robe can be difficult. Fret not as we mention ‘difficult’ and not ‘impossible’. A few online shopping portals are there, such as halloweencostumeforkids.com, where one can easily find such harry potter costumes.

The Ravenclaw costume includes a robe, tailored and fashioned exactly the way it is shown in the Harry Potter film series. This is an officially licensed costume. The Ravenclaw robe is made using 100% polyester satin and poplin fabric. The fabric type makes the robe comfortable wear and it does not feel that hot regardless of what you wear inside it.

The Ravenclaw robe will look like just any ordinary robe if it does not come designed with the Harry Potter logo. It bears an embroidered Ravenclaw crest patch on the left frontal portion of the robe. The robe features a hood and is satin-lined. It fastens with a button at the top in the frontal portion.

Other accessories to complete the look

The Ravenclaw scarf is an integral part of the Ravenclaw uniform. You cannot achieve the appearance of the disciplined Ravenclaw if the scarf goes missing around your neck. Do not forget adding this very essential accessory to your shopping cart.

Ravenclaw knee-high socks, Ravenclaw hat and Ravenclaw tie can also be bought along to make the appearance look more real.

In case you wish to resemble the most popular Ravenclaw student—our Luna Lovegood, then you can buy Luna Lovegood Spectre Specs. You surely remember Luna Lovegood wearing this Spectrespecs on the train ride to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince! It can add more glamour to your Ravenclaw costume. Who knows you might get to spot the 'wrackspurts' and prevent them from floating through the ears causing the brain to go fuzzy!

With all these costume items and accessories, it will be possible for you to leave a good impression at any themed dress events. We wish you good luck!


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It was the first cheap one we found!Review by First one!
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It was the first Ravenclaw robe I found that I was allowed to buy; it was the only cheap one that was still in stock. And its marvelous! The only thing that would make it even better would be that you could write when you press Medium/Small/Large/XL/XXL that you could write how msny inches/centimeters it is in length. (Posted on 5/7/2020)

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