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pirate captain costume for woman with hat

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    The time has come to board your ship and navigate the seven seas. These pirate costumes for women will immediately transform you into a brave pirate. Some costumes never go out of fashion, and pirate costumes are part of it. In this selection of pirate disguises, you can find very sexy pirate costume womens, classics but also models for Halloween. Zombie pirates also come out for a party, choosing terrifying pirate costumes or a t-shirt to which you can add accessories such as an eye patch or a machete. Among the different styles of pirate costumes for women, you will find, for example, Corsair disguises, rebellious captains of robber’s pirates. No matter which one you choose,

    Are you rather a big-hearted pirate like Jack Sparrow or rather pirate without faith or law like Blackbeard? The choice is essential for your special Pirate night to be successful! Discover our Pirate disguises and disguise accessories that will turn you into true buccaneers.

    Women are of course not left out! Want to transform into a sexy pirate or true pirate, mistress of the oceans? Our complete costumes and accessory sets will help you to put yourself in your character's shoes. Arm yourself with a sword, a hook, and an eye-patch, then board the enemy ship, sailors! To organize this piracy, it is also necessary to bet on decoration: inflatable parrots, skeleton suspensions and treasure cards as a tablecloth!

    Discover a variety of pirate disguises and pirate hats more real than life! Do not hesitate and play the famous pirate Jack Sparrow during your next disguised evening or for the Carnival theme. Costumes, wigs, masks, makeup or accessories, you're spoiled for choice! Our Pirates costume selection includes male and female pirate disguises, for both children and adults!

    A perfect outfit for a perfect little corsair: a white shirt with long sleeves, a brown vest, puff pants, and black boots. To become a pretty pirate, opt for loose clothing: a dress or lace skirt, an English bustier and a pair of long boots!

    Also, take a look at the accessories to be the pirate who will capsize hearts for a night! Sword, hook, gun, and tricorn will help you to board the boat of your guests! Just like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, go in search of the hidden treasure!

    Before setting sail to new adventures, complete your great outfit with a beautiful three-horned pirate hat, a black eye patch and a long view! halloweencostumeforkids brings together in one treasure hunt all the best pirate costumes for children and adults almost as real as life, and that, just for you and your parties disguised on the theme of piracy!

    Corsair, captain or simple buccaneer, raise the black flag with skulls! You are now the pirate of your entourage! Your guests just have to stand, behind your patch hide the scars of the worst battles! In this pirate outfit, no doubt, you are no longer the same man or the same woman! At the boarding!


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