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Halloween Bumblebee costume for kids - Transformers

Halloween Bumblebee costume for kids - Transformers
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    Bumblebee is one of the most admired and the best one in the Transformers film series. It is a prequel showing how the Autobot made reached Earth and became a friend of Charlie Watson. Charlie is his first human friend. This film of the Transformers franchise earned the most possible positive critical reviews. It surpassed all other films in the series. Bumblebee character is very popular now and it has become a favorite cosplay costume. It can help your child make a good impression at any cosplay event or Halloween parties. We have given attention to the designing of the bumblebee costume. Let your child hit the Halloween party with confidence now.


    Ever wondered what type of car Bumblebee from Transformers is?

    Bumblebee is a yellow-n-black colored Chevrolet Camaro car. It can transform itself into a gutsy robotic hero within seconds. This black-n-yellow robot and daredevil Autobot hero supports Optimus Prime. Together they put up a brave fight against Megatron to save the humans from being killed. The General Motors’ Chevrolet Camaro debuted in Transformers: Age of Extinction. It is known as the TF4 among the fan. Reportedly, it is a makeover and modified version of the 1967 Camaro SS.

    The 2014 Camaro was engineered and designed at GM’s North Hollywood Design Center. It was done for making an appearance in this film. “The Bumblebee seen in the TF4 movie will not be available to the public,” as quoted by the GM spokesman David Barnas. It is sad for the fans of Bumblebee! He made it clear that “It is a special model designed, developed and built specifically for the movie.”

    You cannot ride the Chevrolet Camaro. But, you can buy Halloween Bumblebee costume for Halloween. that you can put on to hit any cosplay event for a good impression.


    Halloween Bumblebee costume description

    The Halloween Bumblebee costume package includes two items—a jumpsuit and a mask. The jumpsuit is full-sleeve and runs from the neck up to the ankle. The entire costume is tailored and designed with black-n-golden yellow patterns. It best resembles the Bumblebee robot we saw on the silver screen. The jumpsuit comes with a hook-n-loop fastener positioned at the center back part. The mask is a molded plastic mask mimicking the face of the Bumblebee robot in the best way possible. The mask is available with an elastic band around the back of the head for a secure fit.


    Why would you choose our outfit over others?

    We make Halloween Bumblebee costume using the highest quality polyester fabric. It best complements the body. The material also feels smooth to touch. Your kid will stay comfortable wearing it for longer hours. We have inserted soft fiberfill foam pad to impart a muscular appearance to any child wearing it. Our costume also features polyurethane foam armor pieces sewn to the shoulder area. The suit is officially licensed. You can have the peace in mind knowing it mimics the original character outfit.


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