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Panda dress up cosplay
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Fortnite is a highly popular digital video game developed and published by Epic Games. This video game was released in the market back in 2017. Since then till today it continues enjoying a top position among all other popular online video game choices, preferred by the teenagers and young adults alike. Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale e- game, which serves as a companion game to Fortnite: Now, if you dress up like one of its game characters in real life and show up at the gate of others on Halloween nights then they will never hold themselves back from treating you right. These Halloween season, try to spice things up by opting for Fortnite Panda costume. Guarantee is that you will look beautiful, smart and quite attractive in such unique attire.

This online video game has been bestowed upon with several significant awards and recognitions, including BAFTA Games Award for Evolving Game, 2018 Webby Award in the category of People’s Voice Award for Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game, 2019 5th British Academy Games Awards, and Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game.

Details about the costume

The very first glimpse of the costume will give an impression of a high sci-fi appearance that looks very alluring and dashing smart. This Fortnite Battle Royale character outfit is a one-piece jumpsuit costume that covers all through, from the neck to toe portion. It is available in deep purple colour. Light purple or a lighter shade of lavender colour used in the front portion of the left-sided leg, starting from the elbow region up to the half portion of the foot section-wise look really awesome. The design has been done judiciously to not ruin the smart digital sci-fi look. Towards the lower half of the right-sided leg a stitch like impression has been crafted in a zigzag fashion.

Around the waist region, you will notice a design fashioned in the shape of a belt is made using light purple or light lavender colour. This helps cutting the monotony created by the same deep purple colour visible all through. The lighter shade helps in highlighting the waist region and gives the impression of a cute looking belt coiling the wait area.

Over the backside of the right palm, designs have been made to give the impression of buttons (tiny two to three dots arranged in three rows) that further help to enhance the overall getup.

This is one of the very pleasant looking Fortnite costumes available at that you can opt for this Halloween night. You do not need any more accessories to pair it up with. A panda mask, however, if you so wish can be considered but it will be best to stick to the jumpsuit only for a more attractive look.



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