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Dali Mask Salvador LA CASA De Papel - Money Heist

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Item:Casa De Papel Mask
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    With the great popularity of the TV series La Casa De Papel or The Heist, the mask worn by the characters also gained huge popularity. In the series all the characters are in for the world largest Heist and they are led by a reclusive criminal mastermind who calls himself “The Professor”. But the most striking thing about these characters is their costume. All of them can be seen wearing red warehouse clothing but their look is characterized by the unique Salvador Dali mask which has now become famous as the La Casa De Papel Mask. Have you also wondered about wearing this cool mask for any party or even dress as one those Heist guys for your Halloween party? Then we at halloweencostumeforkids.com have great news for you. Here you can get this absolutely cool mask for the best possible pricing. But to help you with a successful purchase, I am going to list all the details you need to know about this mask. So, let’s get started.

    Become A Trend-setter This Halloween With The La Casa Del Papel Mask!

    The famous series is based on exceptionally talented individuals who are set to execute the world’s biggest heist. Thus they prefer to stay anonymous and hence the use of the mask comes up. But this Dali Fashioned mask has become instantly recognizable and they can serve as a great Halloween costume. If you are tired of all those stock ideas for Halloween costume then this Salvador Dali mask what you need. As you might know Dali was known for his surrealistic paintings and artistic experiments. So using his mask for the Halloween or any fun party can be a great choice to opt for. Let’s look at the specifications of the product.

    • It’s a perfect party mask suitable for Halloween or any such occasions.
    • The mask is made with PVC which gives it a great attraction.
    • We don compromise with the quality and the items are imported.
    • The mask will fit easily for all adults and it won’t serve any sort of discomfort.
    • Lastly, the masks will come from Guangdong, China.

    If you want to take the costume a few notch better then you can definitely use the jackets along with the mask. This will complete the look and make your appearance just like the characters from the series. So if you want your La Casa Papel Mask for the next Halloween then visit our platform today before the stock runs out.


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